Arlington Library - Media Archive

In the Arlington Library - Media Archive, on the top floor in the south-west corner of the local map. The book is on a table west of the safe

Arlington Library Area - Raider Fort

This book can be found in a Raider stronghold that lies down the road west from the Arlington Library. It is found next to a bed that lies up some ramps on the side of the stronghold opposite the caged overpass with the turret.

Broadcast Tower KB5 - Drainage Chamber

South-east of the tower you’ll find a drainage chamber. If you activate the electrical switch, it’ll start up radio signal Alfa Lima, which you can follow (audibly) to the chamber. The book is inside on the floor, next to a skeleton by a locked door.

Broadcast Tower KB5 Area

West of the Broadcast Tower KB5 you’ll find a house filled with Raiders. You’ll find this book on a metal shelf in the corner of the house.

Drowned Devil’s Crossing Area

North-west of Drowned Devil’s Crossing, you’ll find a truck on the road, the book is inside the truck, near a safe in the back.

Falls Church/Mason District Metro - Office Building

In the Office Building south of the Falls Church/Mason District Metro. It’s on top of a desk with a safe [Easy] underneath it.

Franklin Metro Utility

Go through the Falls Church/Mason District Metro to reach the Franklin Metro Utility. The book is in a fenced in area on top of a locked Mine Box.

Freedom Street Station

In Freedom Street Station, just north of the exit to Metro Central. The book is on a table near the Scavenger’s bed.

Germantown Police Head Quarters - Basement

In the locked room by the shooting range. The book is on a metal shelf above an ammunition box. You’ll need a Lockpick skill of 50 to get into this room.

Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal Area - Ghoul Town

North of the Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal site you’ll find a town occupied by hostile Ghoul Wastelanders. Outside of the western most Abandoned Shack is an overturned refrigerator, inside of which rests this book.

Jury Street Metro Station - Gold Ribbon Grocers

West of the Jury Street Metro Station you’ll find a store called “Gold Ribbon Grocers”. On the floor in the south west corner of the store you’ll find the book, near a skeleton. There’s also a Nikola Tesla and You nearby. Oh, and check the stand nearby for a mini nuke.

L.O.B. Enterprises East Wing

In the East Wing section of L.O.B. Enterprises, in the CEO’s office on the CEo’s desk.

Mama Dolce’s Food Distribution

In the far south-western edge of your area map, in a tunnel on the lowest floor. The book is by a skeleton on the ground.

Mason Dixon Salvage - Abandoned Shack

In the Mason Dixon Salvage, in the Southernmost Abandoned Shack, on the floor next to a footlocker.

Meresti Trainyard Area

South-east of the Meresti Trainyard you’ll find a number of destroyed houses. You’ll find the book inside one, in a bathtub.

Meresti Trainyard

In the Meresti Trainyard, down by the Family outpost. The book is on a crate in plain sight.

Minefield - Gibson House

In Minefield you’ll find the Gibson House, south-west of the Benson House. The book is on a desk on the first floor next to a broken computer terminal.

Nuka-Cola Factory - Factory Floor

In the room guarded by the crazed robot named Milo you’ll find a door leading to a closet. This book is inside, on a bookshelf.

Roosevelt Academy - Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall

On the third level, the book is just south east of the center of the level on the area map. The book is on a desk by a locked wall safe [Average] behind some ammo boxes.

Seward Square North Area - Sewer

In the sewer that connects Seward Square to Pennsylvania Avenue. The book is in the south eastern tunnel, in a niche along the northern wall near the debris.

Sewer Waystation Area - Talon Company Camp

This book is in the south-eastern room on a metal shelf.

Smith Casey’s Garage

Inside Smith Casey’s Garage, due west of Evergreen Mills. The book is behind the counter, inside an already-opened safe.

Tenpenny Tower Area - Ruined Building

South of Willy’s Grocer (south west of Tenpenny Tower) you’ll find a bombed out brick building. Inside, on one of the upper levels is a skeleton near wooden shelves. On top of the shelves is this book.

Vault 106 - Science Labs

From the door in the south that leads to the Living Quarters: Head north down the stairs until you run into a wall. Turn east down some stairs and turn north again. Take the first hallway east and go into the room. The book is in this room, on a collapsed metal thingy, along withtwo milk bottles.

Vault 108 - Entrance

East of the room with the reactor you’ll find a room filled with yellow crates. In the corner of this room, behind the crates is a step ladder with a Nuka-Cola Quantum on top, and a copy of Tumblers Today underneath the step ladder. I have no idea how you actually are supposed to obtain this book, however.

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