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Fallout 3

Big Book of Science

Nathan Garvin

Arlington National Cemetary - Arlington House

It’s in the same house you find the Bobblehead - Luck in, on the first floor in the kitchen, on a small table in the corner.

Arlington Public Library - Lobby

In the north-east office room upstairs. The book is on a desk.

Bethesda Ruins - Bethesda Offices West

The book is on the counter in the large lower room near the “Turret Control System” terminal.

Broadcast Tower KB5 - Scientist Truck

West of the Broadcast Tower KB5 you’ll find a highway. Don’t be fooled by the Pip Boy, the road lines it shows in no way corresponds to the highway you’re looking for. It lies to the south-west of the Raider House (an unmarked location). Get on the highway and follow it to the north west. When you approach a truck, there will be an explosion from within, expelling the body of a Scientist. The book is on the Scientists’ body.

Broadcast Tower LP8 - Radio Signal Echo Foxtrot Sealed Cistern

To the far north of your world map you’ll find Broadcast Tower LP8. Activate it to pick up Radio Signal Echo Foxtrot. The source of the signal can be found in a sealed cistern to the east of the broadcast tower. The book is inside on a table.

Chryslus Building - Chryslus Building Basement

In the far western edge of the area, in the broiler room south-east of the entrance to the Chryslus Building Reception Area. The book is on a metal shelf.

Citadel - County Sewer Mainline

Just north of the Citadel along the coast you’ll find the entrance to the County Sewer Mainline. In the fenced in central room, on the desk next to the Sewer Management Access Computer Terminal you’ll find a Big Book of Science .

Corvega Factory - Entrance

From the door, go up some stairs and to the east. The book is on one of the desks.

Corvega Factory Area

Behind the Corvega Factory (south of it) you’ll find a dumpster. The only way in is to go up on the cliffs south of the factory, and jump in from there. On the floor, near some waste barrels, you’ll find the book.

Fort Bannister - Fort Bannister Main

Behind a locked door [Average], in a room with Mini Nuke and a Fat Man.

Fort Constantine - Launch Control Bunker

In the same room as the copy of Duck and Cover! and the Fort Constantine Launch Terminal. The book is on a desk to the east.

GNR Building Plaza - GNR Studios

In the GNR Studios, on the level where Three Dog stays, the book is on a table.

Greener Pastures Disposal Site

Outside of Greener Pastures Disposal Site in a shipping container next to a dead scientist.

Hallowed Moors Cemetary

In the ruined chapel. It’s on the podium.

Jury Street Metro Station - Radio Signal Oscar Tango Drainage Chamber

South, south-west of the Jury Street Metro Station there is a manhole leading down into a Drainage Chamber. You can find the book on a desk in the upstairs room.

L’Enfant Plaza

West of the four-way where Enclave Soldiers land you’ll find some stairs leading up to a Pulowski Preservation Shelter. The book is inside.

Marigold Metro Station - Queen Ant’s Hatchery

In the Marigold Metro Station, find the entrance to the Queen Ant’s Hatchery, it is in the large Northernmost room on the table next to Dr. Lesko’s Portacomp.

Megaton - Craterside Supply (Moira)

Complete the “Wasteland Survival Guide” mini quest to install the Processor Widget into the RobCo Mainframe and harness the power of old technology. As a reward you’ll be given this book.

Nuka-Cola Plant - Offices

Upstairs is a room with a large hole in the floor with the body of Winger Mercier in it. In another room north off of this one you’ll find this book on a table.

Rivet City Area - Broken Bow

In the Broken Bow (the half of Rivet City that is no longer connected), in Pinkerton’s room. The book is on the counter. To get into the Broken Bow you must either swim under water under the eastern (shorn) side of the ship or have a Lockpick score of 100.

RobCo Facility - Factory Floor

In the RobCo Factory - Floor, in the eastern side of the building. In one of the multi-story open rooms, the book is on a piece of machinery.

Shalebridge - Shalebridge Tunnels

In the Shalebridge tunnels near Shalebridge, you’ll find this book in the large room to the North, it is on the body of an ant researcher in a pool of water.

Tenpenny Tower - My Tenpenny Suite

If you blew up Megaton and were granted your own suite you’ll get this book by buying the Scientist theme from Lydia Montenegro. It’ll be by the bedside table.

Vault-Tec Headquarters - Vault-Tec Corporate Offices

On the second floor of the Corporate Offices area, in a room to the east of the room with the Nuka-Cola Quantum in it. The book is on a shelf along the eastern wall, above a hole in the floor.

Warrington Station

From the room with the Dean’s Electronics in it head east until you’re in the room with the door to the Metro Access & Generator. The book is on a desk.

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