Bloody Mess

Requirements: Level 6

Ranks: 1

“With the Bloody Mess perk, characters and creatures you kill will often explode into a red, gut-ridden, eyeball-strewn paste. Fun! Oh, and you’ll do 5% extra damage with all weapons.”

Okay, the aesthetics are cool, but that’s no reason to get a perk. 5% damage against everything is nice, though. Considering the fact that other damage increasing perks only affect certain weapon types, or certain enemies, a pure, honest, damage boost is special. There’s also the nostalgia factor, for us old school Fallout players.

Demolition Expert

Requirements: Level 6, Explosives 50

Ranks: 3

“With each rank of this perk, all of your explosive weapons do an additional 20% damage.”

20% damage with explosives is a fairly big increase to damage. If you’re a nut about the grenades and mines, this is a great perk. Missile launchers fall under the Big Guns category, and so does the Fat Man. Still, you might find a situation in which an opportune grenade will be handy, and with the extra levels in Broken Steel, it’s worth considering.

Fortune Finder

Requirements: Level 6, Luck 5

Ranks: 1

“With the Fortune Finder perk, you’ll find considerably more Nuka-Cola caps in containers than you normally would.”

More caps. Yay. You’ll get plenty of caps killing things and selling thier loot. You don’t need this perk.


Requirements: Level 6

Ranks: 1

“While using a pistol (or similar one-handed weapon), your accuracy in V.A.T.S. is significantly increased.”

If you plan to use one-handed ranged weapons-and V.A.T.S.-you should definately pick up this perk. There’s no reason you can’t pick up this perk and Commando , for versatility.

Lead Belly

Requirements: Level 6, Endurance 5

Ranks: 1

“With the Lead Belly perk, you take 50% less radiation every time you drink from an irradiated water source.”

You shouldn’t have to drink from too many irradiated water sources, even though it can sometimes be effective. In any case, Rad-Away will heal 100 Rads, and it’s cheap enough to get from Rivet city. Also, paying 100 caps will get you fixed up from any doctor. This is a waste of a perk.


Requirements: Level 6, Endurance 5

Ranks: 1

“With the Toughness perk, you gain +10% to overall Damage Resistance, up to the maximum of 85%.”

10% permenant damage reduction is good for everybody. You’ll be taking a lot of damage in this game, and this is a good way to mitigate some of it.

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War never changes. The Fallout franchise certainly has, however. In 2008 Bethesda revived Interplay's famous "Post Nuclear Role Playing Game", moving from third person to first person, and from the west coast to the east coast. You are the Lone Wanderer, an outcast from Vault 101 who sacrifices a relatively easy life in order to brave the terrors of the post-apocalyptic Wasteland and find your Dad, whose mysterious departure from Vault 101 sets a chain of events in motion that will change the Capital Wasteland forever...

This guide is intended to be the ultimate completionist's guide to Fallout 3.

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Become the Last, Best Hope of Humanity... or add to the continuing sum of human misery in your selfish quest for survival. Sneak past foes, talk your way out of confrontations, shoot everything in the head, or create a character who can do it all. The Wasteland is a big, dangerous place, and this guide will help you experience as much as possible.

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