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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy World Boss Locations

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy is a game filled with world bosses through the map’s various regions. Players will want to group up and rally at the locations of these world bosses to take them down together to earn some sweet loot, and some chances at SSR weapons and other goodies. You need to know everything about the Tower of Fantasy world boss locations.

Here is how to find all the Tower of Fantasy World Boss locations.

Tower of Fantasy World Boss Locations

(1 of 7) The Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa world boss location is in the top right of the map in the Warren Snowfield.


Tower of Fantasy World Boss Level Location
Robarg 22 Astra, located near the Southern Ring Ranges
Apophis 30 Banges, between the Black Market and Banges Factories.
Frost Bot 35 Navia, Towards the left side of the Navia Bay
Sobek 40 Crown Mines, Next to Area 4, which is just to the south of Parliament
Lucia 40 Crown Mines, towards the very southern tip of the map, slightly to the west of The Lumina crash site.
Barbarossa 45 Warren Snowfield, Right at the northeast corner of the map on its own little island.
Interdimensional Space Dragon 50 Artificial Island, accessed via the spaceship at Banges Dock, if you’re over level 50 and completesd chapter 2 of the main story.

As it stands, we have found six World boss locations in the Tower of Fantasy. Each world boss has a different loot table and different level requirements to access the zone. Since the 1.5 update, there is now a sevent on the new map expansion, Artificial Island, which contains one world boss, Interdimensional Frost Dragon.

From what we can tell, there seems to be a minimum level for these world bosses. The order that you seem to fight these world bosses are Robarg, Apophis, Frost Bot, Sobek, Lucia, and Barbarossa. Therefore, you will naturally fight more world bosses over time as you explore and progress through the levels and the main story. Fore those who out level them, teh world bosses scale to make them still coemwhat challenging for your and your friends who go back to kill them.

It is also worth mentioning that you will need a yellow quality data access card to loot the booses. You can fight the world bosses more than once a day and loot their chest at the end of the fight as long as you have a spare card to loot the chest. It sosmething you’re going to do a lot as you try to farm matrixes from bosses for your builds, along with summoning SSR weapons ideally.

There is no guarantee the Tower of Fantasy world bosses will be up on your channel. You may need to ask or pay attention to the world chat to see if any world bosses are up on a channel.

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