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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Hyenas Arena Joint Operation Guide

Craig Robinson

The Tower of Fantasy Joint Operations are coop challenges players can do to spend their vitality for experience and loot. If you are looking to do one on Wednesday, the Hyenas Arena is the one you can do. Here is a Tower of Fantasy Hyenas Arena guide for those braving it.

Tower of Fantasy Hyenas Arena guide

Here is a guide to the Tower of Fantasy Hyenas Arena.

Upon entering the Hyenas Arena, you and your party will spawn in front of an Assault Armor: Blade unit. Take it out, and then proceed to fight the Hyena Elites and Snipers around the rustbucket Square area of the map. You must beat all the enemies in the area before the next part of the place opens up. Feel free to climb the town’s buildings and other facets of the area to find all the snipers, as they are the harder enemies to kill.

Have your tank take care of the Assault Armor, while your DPS (damage per second) take care of the snipers in the first section before fighting the elite. The reason is that the regular enemies on the building will freely attack targets, making it harder for your healer. Once those enemies are dead, kill the Assault Armor and then move further into the Square. You can then kill what ether enemies you whatever order you want. The chest then opens up once the enemies in the square are defeated.

Hide behind the cover in the corridor to avoid the turret fire, and move up safely till you get in melee range.

After that, you then get a corridor you need to move down. A turret that fires big damaging blasts at the end of the tunnel. To the sides of the tunnel are buildings you can take cover behind to avoid the attacks. After a round fire, you can attack the turret and beat it. You must beat the Clown Girls and Gate Keeper to unlock the next phase. All they are are names for packs of enemies. Each pack has an elite, along with some basic Hyene enemies.

Tanks should taunt the theme using Ene’s weapon, the Pummeler, to taunt the enemies, while your DPS focus on the smaller adds, then move to the big elite. If a DPS player has King’s Scythe, have them focus the Elite with the shield whenever it uses it. After being the gatekeepers, you can then loot another chest.

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Lucia Fight

Lucia makes a return to the Hyenas Arena Joint Operation.

After that, you then enter the first boss fight against Lucia. It is the same as the Lucia World Boss, with the exact same moves. In summary, players need to do the following.

Whip Moves - Lucia attacks with her whip. She will crack it forward or spin it around her. She can also spin around in circles and move around the battlefield. Simply avoid facing her direction when the whip comes out, avoid being in melee range, and move out of the direction she spins towards.

Body Slam - The boss does a hop, skip, and a jump and then belly flops onto the floor. Avoid being near the boss after the first jump, as that is when the boss does damage.

Chain Sword - The boss uses her chainsword as a melee weapon, avoid its swings.

Pallas Fight

Pallas uses a bomb, a jack in a box, and a funny weighted hammer to attack you.

The final boss of the Hyenas Arena is Pallas. Pallas is a little tricker. Pallas rides around on a unicycle, which makes him very fast when it comes to using moves against the party members. Players, in general, need to be on their toes because of the unicycle and the moves that follow, along with not getting run over as that deals damage.

Weighted Hammer - Pallas pulls out a massive hammer with a 1000-pound weight at the end. He then swings it around his body, hitting those in melee range. Move out of the way when you see the hammer come out. He either spins it around the unicycle or pulls it overhead for a downward swing. So step to the side or move backwards to avoid the damage, depending on which variation Pallas uses.

If it’s the move where he swings his hammer over its back and then downwards, it will track the player it is aiming at, marked with the player name to the side of its health bar. Avoid spinning the boss around and outrange it instead. This prevents the boss from slamming it down on positions other party members are standing.

Bomb Throws - Pallas rides around the area where the players are and repeatedly throws bombs to his side. Try to move further back to avoid the bomb explosions and don’t stack up to avoid sharing damage from other play’s bombs.

The other variation is where the boss is still and deploys bombs with helicopter propellors on them. They will fly forwards toward players and detonate. Try to avoid the bombs and dodge the explosions when they get close to the ground.

Ramp Attack - The boss spawns a ramp in the middle of the room, followed by a falling bomb. The hint tells you to guide the bomb into the boss’s ramp to make the mechanic easier to deal with.

Jack in a Box - Jack in boxes spawn around the fight. They will run towards players, eventually blowing up. Players can kill them if they wish, causing them to blow up earlier. A red circle around them indicates the explosion radius when they are about to blow up. Move out of them before they blow up to avoid damage. Ranged weapon users should try to kill the jack in the boxes while they are not near enemies to have one less annoyance to deal with.

Unicycle attack - The boss revs its unicycle, picks it up and slams it down. Avoid being in front of the boss to avoid damage.

This concludes the Tower of Fantasy Hyenas Arena Joint Operation guide.

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