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Tower of Fantasy

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05 - Astra Omnium Tower

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete Chapter 1-05 Astra Omnium Tower in Tower of Fantasy.

Mega Arena

After speaking to Franz, your first task once you’ve left Hykros and arrived back at the Astra Omnium Tower is to make your way over to the Mega Arena. Your goal is to win the arena competition to get the Astrum reward. The Mega Arena can be found southeast of the tower.

Head over to the Mega Arena to win the Astrum.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to speak to Jerry the apprentice, who can be found right outside the arena. He’ll tell you that to enter you’ll need to speak to Digsy and sign up. Follow the blue markers up the ramp and over to a red headed guy called King. Digsy is unavailable and King is overseeing the event in his stead.

After speaking to him the first time, speak to him again to sign up for the first arena battle.

How to Defeat Katie

Your first match up is against Katie from Banges. She fights with two swords and is a pretty easy fight. You should have no problem defeating her quickly so long as you make use of your dodge moves and discharge attacks. If you find her at all challenging consider equipping your bow and fighting her from a distance.

Katie won't pose much of a threat!

After you’ve defeated her, speak to King again to progress to the next stage.

How to Defeat Max and Atom

This time you’re fighting Max. Before you fight him, go speak to him on the lower level near the arena. Max is just a little kid but don’t be fooled - when you go to fight him in the arena, you’ll be facing him and his AI companion, Atom!

Your technically just fighting one enemy because Atom is a sort of Iron-man style suit. Max and Atom are a lot stronger than Katie and their attacks can be pretty damaging but fear not as they’re super easy to spot and dodge. For the most part, the robot will lift his arm up or go for a swipe attack and it’s pretty slow so you can time some perfect dodges and trigger phantasia to get in some big discharge attacks.

Atom and Max are a duo!

The robot will also use his drill arm to shoot out laser beams but these can also be easily avoided! And if you fight in close combat you won’t really see this attack all that often.

At around 1/3rd health, Atom will do a big jump and slam down attack but like with all his other attacks, this is pretty slow and easy to dodge!

Once you’ve defeated Max and Atom, you’ll be able to move on to the final and also claim a bonus reward - the Nightingale’s Feather bow! You also unlock a new Simulacrum called Bai Ling.

How to Defeat the Brutal Brothers

After claiming your reward, head over and talk to King again. The title fight is against the Brutal Brothers. Usually the title fight is between three people but the Brutal Brothers work together to take down the third opponent - in this case, you - and then fight each other so one of them always wins.

But don’t worry - there’s a way to make them pit against each other! First speak to Gordon, who’s just across from the arena. He’ll say that he’s looking to be crowned the winner for the third time in a row. After speaking to Gordon, speak to his brother, Buffy, who’s found up on an elevated area southwest of Gordon. He’s gonna be real angry that his brother wants to take the crown again since it’s his go to be crowned the winner! Choose the option Team up with Buffy and at the beginning of the battle, he’ll fight alongside you against his own brother!

(1 of 2) First speak to Gordon

First speak to Gordon (left), then speak to Buffy to convince him to fight against his own brother! (right)

So, if you’ve chosen to team up with Buffy, fighting Gordon will be really easy. Buffy will fight in close combat and you can just whip out your bow and shoot him from a distance, the two of you will finish him off pretty quickly.

The more challenging fight will be against Buffy once Gordon has been defeated. It’s also likely that Buffy has been hurt a bit in the fight with Gordon so you’re one step closer to the crown!

One of the first attacks he’ll do is launch up and slam down. This is an easy attack to dodge and if you’re good at your timing you can trigger phantasia and deal some powerful discharge attacks against him.

The slam down attack is easy to dodge and you can trigger phantasia.

Another early attack he might deploy is a missile launch-style attack. During this he’ll shoot up multiple missiles that’ll explode on the ground - you can see where they’re about to land from the large red circles. Make sure to dodge out of the circles to avoid taking any unnecessary damage.

The majority of Buffy’s attacks consist of using his big arms to slap and punch at you, but like Atom, these attacks are slow and you can easily trigger phantasia by dodging them.

Buffy will shoot up several missiles to explode on the ground.

Once you’ve won the final fight, head over and talk to King again. He’ll congratulate you and reward you with the Astrum you need for the tower.

Return to Astra Omnium Tower

Afterwards, speak to M-ia nearby to tell her about the fight and then return to Astra Omnium Tower to see Franz. After speaking to Franz, you’ll be able to shut down the Omnium Tower.

Time to shut down the Omnium tower!

Shutting down Omnium Tower concludes the chapter and you’ll be able to begin Chapter 2: Failed Remodeling.

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