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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy World Boss Overview Guide

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy’s most popular feature in its MMO gameplay is its world boss design. The world boss feature is designed for players to work together to overcome a superior foe in each region, offering plenty of rewards with some great chances at Matrix items. We have you covered if you want a quick overview of the Tower of Fantasy world boss feature.

We guide you through the Tower of Fantasy World Bosses feature.

Tower of Fantasy World Boss Feature Explained

Tower of Fantasy has, so far, six world bosses available in the first game content. The main five are available from the launch of the global region, with Barbarossa coming active much later into the game’s main storyline. There are also more world bosses in the other continents of the game. However, they are only available to the Chinese servers currently playing on the 2.0 update features. The six world bosses global players are concerned with are as follows:

Tower of Fantasy World Boss Level Location
Robarg 22 Astra, located near the Southern Ring Ranges
Apophis 30 Banges, between the Black Market and Banges Factories.
Frost Bot 35 Navia, Towards the left side of the Navia Bay
Sobek 40 Crown Mines, Next to Area 4, which is just to the south of Parliament
Lucia 40 Crown Mines, towards the very southern tip of the map, slightly to the west of The Lumina crash site.
Barbarossa 50 Warren Snowfield, Right at the northeast corner of the map on its own little island.
Interdimensional Frost Dragon 50 On Artificial Island, which you can access via the Banges Dock. From there, you need to head to the Eyrie, a floating island where you can shoot the boss.

Players can find the world bosses’ locations by looking at the map they have revealed via the towers. Each one has a golden symbol in the set location they spawn at. You can also click it to get some lore description of the world boss, alongside a list of potential rewards from the boss.

Moreso, when you reach the same level as the world boss, its level scales with yours. It is so that the world bosses remain a challenge for advanced players, while offering lower-level players a boss they can partake in per the social elements of the MMO.

In addition, you want to fight world bosses for various reasons. The first is largely down to the fact they reward pretty good experience. When you are fighting through the level cap for Tower of Fantasy, you can get some solid experience by killing world bosses. Moreso, the other incentive is to get the unique Matrix items the bosses drop each, along with a chance to get SSR weapons. These are the loot chance of summoning one of the better weapons in the game for various playstyles.

Tower of Fantasy World Boss Respawn Times

The Tower of Fantasy respawn times for world bosses don’t appear to be an exact science. The rumour is that world bosses take around an hour to respawn on a channel. However, that is an inefficient thing to test. Instead, your best chance of fighting a new spawn for a world boss is via channel switching. We recommend reading the world chat and then looking for an active world boss if possible.

How to farm Tower of Fantasy World Bosses

Players can kill any world boss as much as they would like each day.

If you’re looking to kill a world boss repeatedly, you will have to look at World chat. Players in World Chat constantly post information about world bosses and what channel they are on. We recommend reading the World Chat and then channel switching.

Read More: How to change channel in Tower of Fantasy

However, be warned that channel switching puts you on a 30-minute channel switch cooldown. It prevents players from constantly changing channels and farming resources or overpopulating a channel thus causing channel lag. Instead, you can ask to join a party of someone on the channel the world boss is on and then get summoned to them. This allows you to change channels even while being on a cooldown and getting to fight the boss again.

However, you will need yellow quality Proof of Purchases for the best chances at loot. These offer the best chances at loot from world boss chests. If you don’t have any yellow Proof of Purchases, you can farm world bosses in Tower of Fantasy while using forced deciphers. However, your chances of getting valuable loot appear to be significantly reduced to borderline impossible. It’s something to consider if you’re trying to farm for SSR loot via the world content.

Tower of Fantasy World Boss Drops

Each Tower of Fantasy world boss comes with their own set of drops. For the most part, the vast majority of drops are relatively the same. However, the differences between the bosses are the Matrix drops. Each boss tends to drop a different Simulacra themed Matrix, along with a matrix with the boss’ name on it. Therefore, the drops you want for each of the boss depends on the build you ideally want to create. We reommend looking at the loot drops from each boss, and then working out which Matrix you want for your playstyle.

The General theme of the loot bosses drop are as follows:

  • Random SSR Weapon - Rosy Edge, Icewind Arrow, Absolute Zero, Scyth of the Crow, Chakram of the Seas, Negating Cube, Dual EM Stars, Thunderblades, Molten Shield V2.
  • Simulacra Matrix
  • Random SR Weapon - Thunderous Halberd, Staff of Scars, The Terminator, Pummeler, Nightingale’s Feather.
  • Boss Matrix.
  • Random R Matrix Chip - Universal chip for weapon systems.
  • Weapon Battery III - Grants weapon XP for upgrading weapon levels.
  • Matrix Data Pack III - Used for upgrading Runes.

Thre drop chance for these items are not currently known. However, the quality of the item indicated by the colour means you are more likely to ecounter those items. Blues are more common, followed by purples being somewhat rare, and the yellow named items being very rare. We know through banners and the special delivery that SSR items are low chances, so we can safely presume we may see similar numbers for world boss drop rates.

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