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Tower of Fantasy Electronic Lock Passwords

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy has a few areas which are locked behind electronic doors, and you need the passwords. These areas typically hide some juicy chests, Golden Nucs for summoning and other lootable you want if you’re gunning for some completionism. Here we guide you to the locations of all these Password electronic locks and their passwords.

Tower of Fantasy Electronic Lock Passwords Guide

We have numbered each password to find the exact ones you still need.

We will show you all the Tower of Fantasy Eelectonic Safecodes we have found in the overworld. We are referencing these codes on a world map, followed by location information and the passwords themselves so you can get into them.

  1. Raincaller Island (Below Cetus Island)

The first one is under Cetus Island's ring on Raincaller Island. The password hint is above the truck.

  • Coordinates: -638.5, -847.2
  • Passcode: 3344
  1. Raincaller Island Ravager Base Tower password

Head inside the tower at the southeast corner of the Ravager base and interact with the computer terminal in the room.

  • Coordinates: -757.7, -569.4
  • Passcode: 5972
  1. North Seventh Day Forest password

This is next to the North Forest teleport in Navia, with the password hint once again on top of the truck.

  • Coordinates: -533.7, -454.4
  • Passcode: 2202
  1. Miner’s Camp Server Terminals

On top of the under-construction tower on the cliff edge of Miner's camp near Parliament. The server memories are scattered around the tower, hinting at the password.

  • Coordinates: 376.3, 345.4
  • Passcode: 4753

Climb the under-construction Tower above Parliament in the Miner’s Camp. You’ll need to jetpack boost up to get to the cliff it is built on. Alternatively, you can fly across from other Miner’s Camp buildings if you take the elevators to the cliffside.

  1. North Lumina Ship

Inside the Lumina shanty town in a building towards the north end of the town.

  • Coordinates: 778.6, 644.2
  • Passcode: 1024

It is in the village shanty beside the Lumina, guarded by two enemies with a force field. The passcode terminal is the blue virtual electronic lock.

  1. South Lumina Ship

On top of the bridge of the Lumina. You will need your jetpack boost to get up here.

  • Coordinates: 734.4, 849.1
  • Passcode: 7268

It is on top of the Lumina cargo ship. You need to jetpack boost to the top of the ship’s bridge. There are sever terminals scattered on the deck of the Lumina to work the password out. It awards a good nucleus.

  1. Small Stronghold opposite the Lumina

In the shanty town opposite the bay of the Lumina beside the cliff. Very similar to password 5.

  • Coordinates: 508.4, 772.9
  • Password: 3594
  1. HT201 Shelter

Inside the house in Bai Ling's Town. The code hint is in a truck near the house.

  • Coordinates: 87.5, 969.7
  • Password: 1647

It is inside the house in front of Linda from the main mission with Bai Ling.

  1. Aarniel Fortress

Climb up the base using the legs to the southwest and glide across to the base's grassy part under my character's location.

  • Coordinates: 380.4, -832.4
  • Password: 8521

You need to climb up the fortress from the side using the supports in the snow as climbing frames. Climb up from the South West facing support frame and then onto an area filled with snow and grass. There is a server terminal on the leg you climb,m indicating you’re on the right path.

  1. Warren Aida Lab

Breaking into this building will eventually lead you to a T2 Supply Pod, containing a Golden Nucleus.

  • Password: 7092
  • Coordinates: 649, -1243

The Warren Aida Lab is right at the top of the Warren Snowfield, marked by its round metal building petruding from the water. Climb up the building, and you will stumble upon a door with a passcode on it. The pass code to enter is 7092. Sneak around the guards and robots once inside, and you’lll eventually find a corridor with a Supply Pod.


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