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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Astra Scenic Points

Craig Robinson

The Tower of Fantasy Scenic Points are a form of exploration feature that players can do to find extra goodies for their efforts. Each region has several view points that you can earn, each with their own rewards. Here is a closer look at how to find Tower of Fantasy’s Astra Scenic Points locations.

Astra Scenic Point Locations

In total there, are five scenic points in Astra, scatttered throghout the region. Below you will find a map of the region, which will coincide with the 5 approximate map locations for each one. We will then show you images of each one so you can reference it with your own game client, and then the exact coordinates written below, along with some tips of how to get there.

Here are the rough locations of the Tower of Fantasy Astra Scenic Point Locations. More detailed locations can be found via the corresponding image and number below.

(1 of 5) Climb to the football field and then head to the cliffside

Scenic Points Locations in Astra

  1. -397.8, 724.2
    You can easily climb to the top of the cliff beside the football field and reach the viewpoint. The fastest way of getting there is by teleportiong to Astra’s Omnium Tower and then gliding across the river onto the football field. Altertnatively you can ride from Barrnestown spacerift and climb the cliff.

  2. -616.4, 1094.6
    If you have the Spacerift activated to the Souther Ring Ranges, then you can teleport to it and be at the second scenic point in seconds. Teleport to it, and then jump on top of the first thorny branch and then activate the scenic point. You may even get a nice view of Robarg doing so.

  3. -975.9, 782.8
    Simply teleport to the Spacerift: Shelter, which you have unlocked by the main story mission. You then look right of the teleporter, climb the cliff to Sherley’s house, and the view point is on the ledge you climbed up.

  4. -871.6. 685.3
    Once again, teleport to the Spacerift: Shelter and then head northeast out of the town. You then want to climb up the first little mountain directly north of the base and then stand on the second highest cliffside ledge to reach the next scenic point.

  5. -666.4, 896.6
    The fifth one is the most tricky of all the Astra Scenic Point Locations. You will need to head to the tall rocky bluff towering up into the sky next to the Crimson Pillar’s Training Facility. We recoomned doing a charged jetpack boost into the sky. Part way up you’ll find part of the rock is flat enough to stand on, which you can then climb up to complete your journey to the top.

Once you have unlcoked them all, remember to head into the terminal on teh in-game menu and select chronicles. You can then redeem your rewards for each scenic point you unlock.

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