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Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot: Location, Tactics & Tips

Craig Robinson

Frost Bot is the third World Boss you will come across in Tower of Fantasy, with it being a level 35 boss. Those of you looking for some extra activities to get some loot and resources can sally forth and get a squad together to go and beat this boss. If you’re new to the fight, here is a Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot guide, fitted with information on its location, loot, and the tactics you need to know.

Here is a quick guide to help you with Tower of Fantasy's Frost Bot World Boss.

Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot Location

Here is where to find Frost Bot world boss location in Tower of Fantasy.

The location of Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy can be found in Navia. It is located towards the top end of the map in the bay area, slightly to the left of the deeper bay area in the more shallow area. The boss spawns on a little robot platform in the middle of the shallow water beside the beaches.

If the boss hasn’t spawned, we recommend paying attention to world chat and seeing if there are any signs the boss is on another channel. Find out where, and then head to the channel or let other players know that Frost Bot is up on our channel.

Frost Bot Tower of Fantasy Tactics

There are quite a few tactics you need to be aware of if you encounter Frost Bot. Most of the abilities are not too hard, but if you’re not paying attention, you can die rather fast.

Big Freeze: One of the boss’ moves sends out a big AOE attack marked by a red zone. Those caught in the blast will get frozen, which can last for five seconds if you don’t escape the red zone. Those in the area after the ice shatter can take damage. Moreso, blue frost rises from the sand after the initial blast, indicating the damage effect is still there. If you see it, then remain outside it unless you have the HP to be okay.

Bubble Trouble: The boss will occasionally stand still and fire several bubbles at a player. The player targeted by it will need to dodge the bullets, or they will take damage, or potentially die if they are under the boss’ level.

Crab Claws: The boss will start charging around the battlefield and swing both of its claws in front of it, hitting enemies along the path. Try to avoid the direction the boss is heading towards. The boss can change direction several times during this move, so stay frosty, marine.

Frost Shield: Frost Bot will often stand still and pop up a shield around its body. This shield is weak to fire damage and acts like an extra health bar. Popping it stuns the boss, making it open to attacks.

Ground Slam: The boss will lift its claws up and then begin to charge an attack. It will then pound one claw after another into the ground for some big damage. If you’re in front of the boss, move away in any preferred direction.

Tornado DDT: Frost Bot will occasionally stand still, kick up some sand from below itself and then begin to swing its arms around its body in a 360-degree motion. The boss will then run around the battlefield and try to hit people. Each hit doesn’t do that much damage but can easily hit multiple attacks if you can’t dodge it, which will quickly build up lots of damage and kill you.

Tower of Fantasy Frost Bot Loot

Frost Bot’s loot contains more sources of potential SSR weaponry, along with a decent tank Matrix for those who want to play the Endurance Resonance role. There is also chances at other items of loot for your general matrix, relics, and weapon upgrades. Note that you are not guaranteed any loot from any of the potential sources of loot.

Icon Reward Type
weaponshowssr.png Random SSR Weapon SSR Weapon (Rosy Edge, Icewind Arrow, Absolute Zero, Scythe of the Crow, Chakram of the Seas, Negating Cube, Dual EM Stars, Thunderblades, Molton Shield V2)
iconmatrixSSR2 Huma: Matrix Two Piece grants: Hitting a target with dodge skill and inflicts bleed. Four piece set: Reduces ATK of all targets within 8 meters that are taking damage over time.
weaponshowsr.png Random SR Weapon SR Weapons (Thunderous Halberd, Staff of Scars, The Terminator, Pummeler, Nightingale’s Feather.)
Couantshard200px.png Hovering Cannon Shard Shards
iconmatrixSR1150.png Frost Bot: Matrix Three piece grants the following: When HP is below 40%, use a discharge skill to switch to the current weapon and restore HP equal to 160%/200%/240% of ATK.
iconmatrixR7150.png Random R Matrix chip Random Matrix
WeaponSRExp01.png Weapon battery III Materials
matrixexpsr150.png Matrix data pack III Materials


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