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Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Dev Log Locations Guide

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy’s new Artificial Island arrived in update 1.5 and has a new side mission for players to complete. Upon arriving at the new island, players will need to find ten dev logs, which will allow those players to unlock the housing feature of the new content update. Here are the Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Dev Log Locations for all ten items you need.

Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Dev Log Locations

Here are all the locations of Dev Logs for Tower of Fantasy's Artificial Island secondary quest.

Above you will see a map, along with the order that we recommend getting your hands on the Dev Log locations. You will see the exact location marked in a purple dot and a number next to it. Further down the page, we have explanations to help you find the dev log in-game.

In total, there are ten dev logs you need to find. Before you go any further in the game, we recommend unlocking the Cybernetic Arm, if you have not done so already. You will need to use the Cybernetic Arm to reach at least one of these Dev Log locations. In Addition, you will need the jetpack, as you will need to use the jump boost to get as much air as you can in some instances.


The first Dev Log is to the east of the plane next to a tree in the main base.

The first is as you arrive at Base Zero. Jump down to the left, and you will stumble upon a very small tree that branches out. Walk around the tree, and you will find the device is waiting for you.


The second Dev Log location on Artificial Island is on a ledge a blue wormhole in the base takes you to.

The next one is also in the base camp. Walking down from the spaceship, you will find a blue portal at the bottom of the stairs. Walk through it, and it will teleport you to a ledge further down the base. On that grassy ledge is a dev log located in the long grass for you to collect.


The third Dev Log location is on a signpost to the west of the main base.

The next one is to the west of the base as you exit it. On the catwalk, you will find a signpost, with a direction pointing to an area. Climb up it, as the dev log is pinned to the signpost.


The fourth Dev Vlog is hidden behind some rocks near the lake.

The next one is by the lake to the west of the third dev log. The fourth dev log location is behind a rock wall, which you can see on the map via the small orange indent on the blue grass area on the map, rather than the beach.


The fifth is on a catwalk area of a Hyena base to the south-west of the Eyrie.

The fifth Dev Log location on Artificial Island is in a Hyena Camp to the West of the Eyrie on the ground level. You will need to head over to the metal platform with a Hyena scout and then destroy the wooden boxes on it. The Dev Log location is inside the wooden box, which will drop to the floor when you destroy the box. The image above shows you where about the dev log is when you break the boxes.


The sixth Dev Log location is on a road leading to a Hyena base near a Space Rift.

The next one is simple enough but requires vigilance. In the northwest of the base camp is a Hyena town near a Space Rift on the main road. Head up the road, but then take the first left when you get the chance. Walk along that road, and the Dev Log will be on the road somewhere between the turning and the Hyena Base.


A Hyena Base in the northwest of the base camp has more boxes to destroy.

The seventh Dev Log location on Artificial Island is in the village, just ahead of the sixth dev vlog. Head into the town, and then walk across the wooden patio area in front of the big long building. At the very north of the wooden area are more boxes to smash. Inside one of the boxes is another dev vlog for you to collect.


On top of a crashed space ship on the east side of the river.

Now you will need to teleport to the Space Rift at Base Zero. Once you’ve loaded, head to the east of the village and across the river. Once you’re over the river, you will find a crashed ship near where hyenas are using it as a shelter. You need to head to the ship’s roof and smash the little barrels in the area. Like the boxes, one will contain the Dev log that you need to pick up.


Besides a truck on the south-east side of the river.

Now you need to head down to the south towards another Hyena base. This one is slightly to the west of Mount Sandy’s name on the map. Once you find the camp, you will come across a truck parked up just to the left of the main entrance. Once again, you will need to smash some barrels near the truck you get access to the ninth dev log location.


You will need to glide over to this floating island on the east side of the river.

Lastly, this is the hard one. You will need to climb up Mount Sandy, near to where the pipe sticks out of the mountain and reach the top of the cliff above it. From there, you will need to jetpack boost as high as you can, and continue to dash in the air, and stabilize yourself with the jetpack. Your aim here is to get as close to the floating platform as possible. Once you can no longer maintain yourself on the jetpack, switch to the SCybernetic Arm relic, and then try to grappling hook yourself over to the floating platform.

Once you’re on the platform, you must head to the outer ring floating around the centre of the floating island. From there, players will need to head to the northern most section of the outer ring, and then you will see the Dev Log on it.

Now you’ve got all the Dev Logs in Tower of Fantasy, you may return to Base Zero Camp and hand the quest in. If you’re level 60, you will unlock the game’s base-building feature. If not, you will need to get around 800 exploration points before that opens up to you.


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