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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa: Location, Loot, & Tactics

Craig Robinson

The final Tower of Fantasy world boss in the global launch is the Barbarossa world boss. This big doggo unlocks as players finally make their way into the Warren Snowfield around level 39. Once unlocked, players can head to the top right of the Warren region and then fight this dog for some great loot. Here are some tactics, tips and a location guide for Tower of Fantasy’s Barbarossa world boss variation.

Here is a guide to the Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa world boss fight, featuring locations, tactics and loot.

Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa Location

You can find the ower of Fantasy Barbarossa location in the top right of the Warren Snowfield.

The Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa location is located at the top right corner of the map in the Warren Snowfields. The boss is on its own little dirt mound island by the sea, surrounded by a little stream and below a mountain. The boss is inside one of those strange sphere cages in the middle of it.

Like other world bosses in Tower of Fantasy, it appears that Barbarossa has an hour respawn time. Therefore, if you want to farm the big dog, then we recommend looking for the boss on different channels. Ask to join a party and get the player to summon you to the channel, rather than having to manually switch your channel and incur a 30-minute cooldown on channel hopping.

If the Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa location is active on your channel, feel free to send a message in the world chat and get a crew assembled for it. You can invite people interested and then call them for assistance and get the ball rolling. We recommend taking at least eight players to beat Barbarossa, especially if you’re fighting the boss after just unlocking Warren Snowfields and reaching level 39.

Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa Tactics

The Tower of Fantasy Barbaroaa world boss is exactly like other encounters of Barbarossa you have done. You can find the dog as the last boss in one of the Joint Operation missions, so the tactics are largely the same. Here is a rundown on the Tower of Fantas Barbarossa tactics.

Jump - Barbarossa jumps to a target and lands on that position, damaging anyone under its hitbox as it lands. The area is marked with a purple damage zone, which emits twice. Avoid those purple zones, and you can avoid taking additional damage.

Roar - The boss’s two heads roar, dealing damage to anyone standing in a 180-degree radius as the boss roars. Avoid it when you hear the boss make a roaring/growl noise.

Pounce - Barbarossa pounces in a direction. If a player is caught under it, the boss will pin them to the floor, with both heads biting the player for a significant chunk of damage.

Right Paw - The boss slams its right paw around it and then into the ground. Avoid being in swiping range not to get flung back. Players will get knocked backed and take damage.

Spin Attack - The boss will lower its body, then do a 360 spin. Players caught by either the head or the tail will take significant damage.

Summoned Followers - Barbarossa will summon followers to help heal it when it drops a few bars of HP. Players need to target the Aberrant Canine Alphas and beat them to stop them from licking the boss’s wounds and restoring the boss’ HP.

Shield - This creates a shield around itself to reduce the damage it takes.

Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa Loot

Once again, the main reason you want to fight the Tower of Fantasy Barbarossa world boss is the chance at a few key pieces of loot. The first is the SSR weapon, which is always a nice addition to your collection. Meanwhile, the Meryl matrix is a great matrix for tank players to farm, while Barbarossa matrix itself is great for solo players and tank players looking to reflect the damage they take. Then, of course, there is the usual world boss loot that awards players switch at least some progression materials to help them on their way.

Icon Reward Type
weaponshowssr.png Random SSR Weapon SSR Weapon (Rosy Edge, Icewind Arrow, Absolute Zero, Scythe of the Crow, Chakram of the Seas, Negating Cube, Dual EM Stars, Thunderblades, Molton Shield V2)
iconmatrixSSR2 Meryl: Matrix Meryl: Matrix - Two-Piece - If HP is less than 30% after being attacked, gain a shield equal to 20%/26%32%/40% of max HP for 10 seconds. Cooldown 90 seconds. Four-Piece set: During the effect of the shield, restore HP equal to 60%/75%/90%/105% of the damage dealt. The max HP restored every 0.5 seconds should not exceed 105%/127.5%/150%/172.5% of ATK.
weaponshowsr.png Random SR Weapon SR Weapons (Thunderous Halberd, Staff of Scars, The Terminator, Pummeler, Nightingale’s Feather.)
Couantshard200px.png Magnetic Pulse Shard Shards
iconmatrixSR1150.png Barbarossa: Matrix Three piece grants the following: Upon switching to the weapon, gain 50%/62.5%75% damage reflection for 3 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds. Upon switching to another weapon, gain a 20%/25%/30% damage boost for 5 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds.
iconmatrixR7150.png Random R Matrix chip Random Matrix
WeaponSRExp01.png Weapon battery III Materials
matrixexpsr150.png Matrix data pack III Materials
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