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Tower of Fantasy

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All Artificial Island List of Targets

Matt Chard

Tower of Fantasy has lots of exploration content to do in the game, one of these features is the List of Targets which is part of the 100% map completion. List of Targets are the world bosses/mini-bosses that can be found in that particular map. This page will help you find where all seven targets are, and what level they are.


Target Level Map Marker
Devourer 70 Devourer Map Location

The Devourer can be found at the Ring Arena which is northeast of Base Zero.

Devourer can be found in Ring Arena.

Interdimensional Frost Dragon

Target Level Map Marker
Interdimensional Frost Dragon 70 Frost Dragon Location

You can find the Interdimensional Frost Dragon flying above the Eyrie. To get there, teleport to the Rusty Iron Camp Spacerift and head southeast towards a series of rocky outcrops with a large pipe sticking out overhead. Climb up to the outcrops until you can get on top of the pipe, and glide over to the small orange triangle in the air. This will warp you to the top of the Eyrie where you’ll face the dragon.

The Frost Dragon can be found flying around the top of the Eyrie. You'll need to take a red teleport to get there though.


Target Level Map Marker
Guanglong 70 Guanglong Location

Guanglong patrols the road between the Transmission portal and the stronghold to the north of it.

(1 of 2) Guanglong patrols the path shown on the image.

Guanglong patrols the path shown on the image. (left), Guanglong can be found on the path southeast of Simple Pier. (right)


Target Level Map Marker
Lockdown 70 Lockdown Location

Lockdown can normally be found patrolling the path north of the Mine Base stronghold, although he can appear in the base itself.

Lockdown can be found just north of the Mine Base Stronghold. Sometimes he can appear in the base itself.


Target Level Map Marker
Otto 70 Otto Location

Use the numbered Warps to reach the corresponding floating islands.

Otto can appear in several places including the floating island southeast of Ring Arena. The other places include:

  • Floating Islands southwest of Ring Arena (54.1, -208.5) near the Spacerift: Dock Entrance

  • Floating Islands east of Base Zero (235.2, 95.4)

  • Floating Islands west of the Mine Base (97.8, 308.7)

  • Floating Islands southeast of Puddled Lake (-197.4, 56.0)

Most of these require you to take the nearby blue triangular warps to reach them.

Otto can be found on one of many floating islands around the vicinity of Base Zero.


Target Level Map Marker
Philly 70 Philly Location

You can find Philly hovering around the river to the east of Base Zero. He patrols up and down the river bank so you may have to look around there or wait a bit for him to get to you.

Philly likes to patrol the river south of Base Zero.

Big Rat

Target Level Map Marker
Big Rat 70 Big Rat Location

Big Rat can spawn around several strongholds near the Base Zero including the one near Ring Arena. Other places he can spawn are:

Big Rat can be found in many of the strongholds. If he's not at the first one you go to, chances are he'll be in one of the others.

  • Mine Base Stronghold

  • West of Eyrie Stronghold

  • Sea Gate Passage Stronghold

  • Rusty Iron Camp Stronghold.

Big Rat can be found in one of the many strongholds around Base Zero.

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