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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Weapons List

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy uses a mixture of weapons to help players essentially build their own class and forge their own playstyle. Moreso, most of the weapons in the game belong to a character known as a Simulacra, which allows you to unlock their appearance and get powerful buffs for doing so. Here is a quick rundown of the Tower of Fantasy Weapons and what there are.

Here is a look at how the weapons work in Tower of Fantasy and what you need to do to get them or advance them

Tower of Fantasy Weapons Guide

Weapon Element Role Simulacra
Absolute Zero Frost Healer Cocoritter
Chakram of the Seas Grievous DPS Shiro
Combat Blade Grevious DPS NA
Composite Bow Fire DPS NA
Dual EM Stars Volt DPS Samir
EM Blade Volt DPS NA
Frosted Spear Frost DPS NA
Icewind Arrow Frost Tank Tsubasa
Molton Shield V2 Fire Tank Huma
Negating Cube Fire Healer Zero
Nightingale’s Feather Grevious DPS Bai Ling
Pummeler Frost Tank Ene
Rosy Edge Frost Tank Meryl
Scythe of the Crow Fire DPS King
Staff of Scars Volt Healer Pepper
The Terminator Frost DPS Hilde
Thunderblades Volt DPS Crow
Thunderous Halbred Volt DPS Echo
Venus Volt Support Nemesis

If the weapon has an attached Sumulacra with it, it means that it can be levelled up to get more powers. Most weapons have different status effects, with the base status effect having a similar buff. However, each weapon has its advancement powerups, specializing the weapon in different ways. You can look at the weapon and their powerups for each advancement level by heading into the weapons section on the main menu, and then clicking on the weapons tab. Finally, you can head to the Warehouse and browse all the weapons in the game. Take note of what each weapon does, as they all serve different purposes, from shield busting, to pure DPS weaponry.

Also, to level these weapons up, you will need to collect duplicates of each weapon. The duplicates will then provide a core with the associated weapon name. You can then use these to upgrade the weapons through the advancement section. You can also get advancement cores from the store by buying them using Black Gold from the weapons store to speed up your levelling. If you want to level these weapons by being free-to-play, you need to make sure you get your weekly missions done, and get the Type III chip, which allows you to open up loot boxes from the World Bosses, especially for the SSR weapons.

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