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Tower of Fantasy Ruin D-01: Chest locations and Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The D-01 Ruin is one of the higher-level ruins that players begin to come across around the level 30 bracket. Those who venture into D-01 will find there are Aberrants, Elites, and the first Ruin to offer a side quest. Moreso, there are more things to find, bosses to kill and more. Here is a Tower Of Fantasy D-01 Ruin walkthrough and chest location guide.

Here is a walkthrough of the Tower of Fantasy D-01 Ruin.

Tower of Fantasy D-01 Walkthrough

Upon entering the Ruin D-01, you will enter a fungi-looking room with some rocks and water. Jump up the rocks, and you’ll encounter an NPC called Fufu, who gives you a side mission to do while you’re in the ruin. Accept the quest and then proceed up the ledge.

On the ledge above, players will find a few Aberrants. Kill them and then climb up the ledge again with more Aberrants. Rinse and repeat. Now the final set is dead, you are presented with two choices. One direction is for the side quest, and the other is for the main ruin progression.

Fufu’s quest

The first purple fungus has the three mushrooms you need for Fufu's quest.

The left route takes you to a giant fungus for the side quest, with another Aberrant, Canine and Goliath to kill. The Canine and regular Aberrant are easy to kill, but the Goliath has a shield, charge effects and can deal big damage. Use your dodges wisely rather than trying to do a dodge move for damage, and you’ll be fine. Once the enemies are defeated, you can loot two mushrooms from the giant fungus’s stem and move up the stairs. You can then jump on top of the humongous purple fungus from the stairs and get the final mushroom from its cap. Now you can return to Fufu and complete the side quest. As you turn the quest in, Fufu tells you about a cookbook missing in the Ruin D-01. More on this later.

Walkthrough continued

Now you need to head up the stone stairs to the right. Follow the path up the stairs into a new cavern area. As you enter the stone passageway, you’ll get a cutscene detailing what it is you need to do involving the red lazers as you’ve seen from other ruins. Moreso, throughout the cavern, are packs of Aberrants you need to take care of. Dispatch them as you work your way through the area. Some of the enemies are Elites, but they only make heavy damage charge attacks, which you can dodge easily if you keep a dodge charge available.

Lazer beam puzzle

(1 of 2) The lazer puzzle starts at this stone structure by pushing the stone block into the lazer.

The lazer puzzle starts at this stone structure by pushing the stone block into the lazer. (left), The lazer then needs to move between more pushable blocks, and by burning the roots wrapped around the spheres, the lazers pass through before opening the door at the end.. (right)

After the cutscene, the first thing you come across is a stone building, with a cube to the right. Push the cube into position. It will then send the lazer beam into the cavern. Follow the beam, and shoot any of the lazer beam spheres wrapped in branches/roots with a fire weapon. This will burn the roots and allow the beam to pass through them. There are a few in the cavern, so we recommend using the Composite Bow, and burning the roots in one go, then switching back to a weapon of your preference.

After dealing with the spheres wrapped in branches, the beam should stop near a stone statue in a little cavity in the cavern. You must move behind the statue and then push it into the lazer beam to send it further down the cavern. Continue following the beam towards another object that needs pushing. This final piece will connect the lazer to the final object that unlocks the boss room.

(1 of 2) This mushroom is the first one you need to climb to get to the cookbook.

This mushroom is the first one you need to climb to get to the cookbook. (left), The cookbook is on top of the mushroom with moss as you climb the cavern. (right)

Before entering the boss room, Fufu’s cookbook is around the cavern. In the middle of the cavern, you will find some purple fungi that you can climb. You want to climb the first purple fungi on the left side of the cavern with moss on it. The fungi jumping puzzle is opposite the first statue you had to push for the lazer puzzle. Climb up to the fungus with the moss dangling down, and the cookbook is on top.

Commander Habaka Guide

Here are some tips and tricks for defeating Commander Habaka in the Tower of Fantasy D-01 ruins.

Commander Habaka returns as the final boss of this ruin. The boss has similar tactics as it does in the Joint Operations you encounter it on. The main skills of the boss include:

Charged Punch - Habaka pushes its left arm back and then swings forward for an attack. It charges for a second or two, so you can easily move away from the path it faces to avoid damage. Occasionally this will be a 360 swipe attack or extend the range with a kick.

Jump Swipe - The boss does this move to catch up to ranged players to try and hit them. Simply outrange or dodge to avoid damage.

Shield - The boss uses a shield to reduce the damage it takes.

Combo - Habaka’s main damage comes from a combo. The boss dashes forward, followed by an upwards kick, into a jump attack and then slams the player back down. Try to avoid it throughout the combo not to get hit by the four-piece combo. It can kill players at the recommended gear score for the level. So it needs to be avoided at all costs.

Note that the boss can do the four-piece combo in any order, such as kick first and then dash if the player is already in the air.

Dive Attack - Commander Habaka jumps into the air and then dives down onto where the player is stood. Move out of the red circle before Habaka lands, as it does lots of damage.

If the boss kills you at any point, quickly return to camp and run back into the room to avoid its health resetting.

Tower of Fantasy D-01 Chest locations

(1 of 2) The first chest location in D-01 Ruins is on top of a stone pillar in a room covered by roots.

The first chest location in D-01 Ruins is on top of a stone pillar in a room covered by roots. (left), The second one is on top of the stone structure at the start of the puzzle room. (right)

The first chest location in Tower of Fantasy’s D-01 Ruin is in a small room with roots dangling down. This is in the first section of the Ruin with the purple fungi. Climb the stairs and then turn left towards the roots that dangle down. Enter the room behind the roots, and the chest is on top of a stone pillar. We recommend using the Omni Hand Cannon and firing a platform to help you climb up the stone and get to the chest.

As for the second chest location, it is in the lazer puzzle room. It is on top of the first stone structure you come across to start the lazer puzzle. You can either use the stone blocks and jump on top, use a Hand Cannon platform, or climb the fungi and glide on top.


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