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Tower of Fantasy

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Tutorial - How to Reach Astra Shelter

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the tutorial of Tower of Fantasy, including how to reach the Astra Shelter.

When you first load in you’ll be prompted to choose male or female - your choice is purely aesthetic and won’t impact any gameplay.

Choose to play as a female or male character.

Defeat the Aberrant Canines

Your first task when you gain control in Tower of Fantasy is to defeat some Aberrant Canines (wolf enemies) that are blocking your path through the mines. During this period you’ll learn how to fight enemies and how to use your weapon skills to land heavy strikes on the enemy.

Aberrant Canines are a weak foe.

They’re not too tough and they are only meant to serve as a tutorial for combat so you should be able to defeat the two of them in no time. After doing so, continue along the assigned path through the mine and climb the wall up ahead. At the top of the cliff you’ll be able to loot a chest.

Quick Time Event

After walking further up the mine path, you’ll come to a quick time event in which you’ll be required to react to a series of movements by the two headed dog to avoid being damaged. It’s pretty easy and you’ll just need to react to what it displayed on your screen and follow the instructions. The timing is quite generous so don’t panic!

Make sure to do as the instructions tell you on the screen to ensure you pass this quick time event.

Open the Elemental Door

Once you’ve completed the sequence, you’ll find yourself in another mineshaft. Continue along the linear path to come to a triangular door. Here, you’ll need to use your elemental weapon to attack the elemental mechanisms which will then allow you to pass through into a new area.

Use your elemental weapon to open the door.

In this new area, you’ll have to fight three more Aberrants. Once again, they aren’t all that tanky and your weapon does AOE slashing motions so you should be fine to defeat them even if they all fight you at once. That being said, you might find that you only fight one or two at a time since there’s one who’s slightly closer to the front of the room. A couple of Aberrant Canines will also appear during the fight but as all these enemies are quite squishy, you won’t have much of an issue - especially if you use your elemental attacks!

Before leaving this area, loot the chest on the box near the exit. Then, continue along the path to leave the area. This is where you’ll be picked up by some mysterious strangers and taken to Astra Shelter.

(1 of 2) Fight off the Aberrant enemies

Fight off the Aberrant enemies (left), Then loot the chest near the exit. (right)

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