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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Pan-fried Salmon Guide

Craig Robinson

The Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event is here, offering players new ways of acquiring progression items and new Red Nucleus items. To do so, you will need to get great customer scores. One of the foods some of the visitors will want is Pan-Fried Salmon, a new craftable recipe for the event. Here is everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy Pan-fried Salmon.

Here is a quick guide on the Tower of Fantasy Pan-fried Salmon

Tower of Fantasy Pan-fried Salmon

The Pan-fried Salmon in Tower of Fantasy is a time-limited recipe you can get during the Aida Cafe event. The recipe is only really used for the event since it only gives 20 Satiety. However, this will be a good meal for wracking up points for certain characters, so make sure you have some spare for when Shiro, Hilda, and Crow appear in the cafe.

However, to serve it, you must know the Pan-fried Salmon recipe, which requires one of the following ingredients:

  • Salmon
  • Honey
  • Lettuce

You will need to collect these materials and craft them in the creation menu before you can craft it easily in the limited-time crafting menu at a cooking station. So make sure you stock up on Honey, Salmon and Lettuce if you do not already have the recipe unlocked

How to farm the Pan-fried Salmon recipe in Tower of Fantasy

The Salmon is one of the hardest materials to come across in the whole Aida Cafe event. The reason why is that it has a very low drop chance, if a drop chance at all, from Lake Bass. The game states you can loot them from Lake Bass, but from our own experience, we looted over 20 Lake Bass in Warren Snowfield and did not get a single Salmon. Other players in the world chat and community sites also express a similar lack of drops from Lake Bass.

So, the current best strategy for collecting Salmon in Tower of Fantasy is by killing Sobek. Sobek seems to guarantee to drop at least six Salmon on its body. If you need Salmon, finding a group or starting one fro Sobek world boss is the best strategy.

Honey: You also need honey, which is a fairly common material you can collect from Bee Hives. There are plenty of Bee Hives along the main roads Astra and Banges. Take the east facing exit from Astra shelter, and there are several beehives to get honey from along the road. You can also get it from the east exit of Banges Dock, with several beehives along the roads, beaches and forests in that area.

Lettuce: Lettuce is a very common ingredient you can find all over Astra. This material is so abundant you can drive in any general direction and acquire it. Your best bet is to follow the east road out of Astra Shelter and loot the lettuce at the side of the road. The road also takes you to some landmarks, with lettuce spawning around it.

It is also noted that looting some T1 and T2 chests and looting the chests from world bosses have chances to provide the player with random recipes from the limited-time event. You may find you can loot some Pan-fried Salmon by defeating world bosses and deciphering their chests perfectly.

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