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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Ruin A-01: Walkthrough and Chest locations

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy is filled with Ruins, and the very first one you visit is the A-01 ruin. Moreso, as the levels go on and your gear score improves, you get to come back here for normal and hard mode versions, with players getting to loot even more chests and take on a slightly different version of the ruin. Here is a Tower of Fantasy Ruin A-01 walkthrough and chest locations for all difficulties.

You can locate this ruin on our interactive map here.

We guide you through the Tower of Fantasy Ruin A-01 with chest locations, walkthroughs and boss strategy.

Tower of Fantasy Ruin A-01 Walkthrough

You will enter an empty room with some canisters propped to the side.

Normal and Hard Mode notes only.Show Spoiler

Two chests are in here, protected by exploding cover on medium and hard. Throw some canisters at the walls marked with an orange color, and you can get chests from behind them. Easy players can ignore that step and move forward.

Walk up to the doorway, and you will see a dip into another room with Hyena Elites inside. Feel free to throw canisters in for some free damage and to get a burn on them. Jump in and beat them up. There’s a chest in the broken wall on all difficulties you can pick up that’s unmissable.

Cross the bridge which nature has taken over, and you’ll enter another room with tree roots dangling down, metal walls and bombs all over the place. Kill the Hyena Elite and Snipers in the room, and you’re good. Moreso, this bit has three chests, with a chest spawning for each difficulty. The easy one is in the back of the room beside the corrugated metal and roots, the normal difficulty one is inside the state on the left wall, and the hard one is behind a wall to the left of the stairs. You need to blow up all these using the canisters in the room. Don’t worry, they respawn if you missed them.

You now need to blow the actual wall up in the room. It’s the larger room with orange on the wall. Once it is blown up and the enemies are defeated, you can walk into the boss room and face off against Hyenatron.

Hyenatron Boss Guide

We teach you the core tips you need to beat the Hyenatron boss.

The main thing you need to know is that Hyenatron is not as hard as it seems. On easy, you won’t have much trouble fighting this, but on hard, this will hit quite hard if you are below the recommended gear score. However, all of its moves are easily kiteable.

As for the skills, the boss does a few skills. Most are fairly basic, but there are some very deadly skills. The main ones you want to watch for are the Fire emission. The boss puts its hand onto the ground, and then fire emits in a large radius. Watch for the red circle, then bail out as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll take damage and receive a burn that will deal a fair amount of damage.

The important skill is the machine gun. The boss will show a red alert warning in front of it, then its Gatling gun will repeatedly fire at you. Hyenatron does lots of damage here, and the only way to avoid it is via running around in a circle at some distance.

As for the skills, it does a basic missile strike that you need to keep running to avoid. It also has a shield skill, as most bosses do. Hyenatron has a charged melee strike that repeats three times. You can use a dodge on this move to get the slowing barrier to do more damage.

Tower of Fantasy Ruin A-01 Chest Locations

(1 of 5) On normal and hard, you need to blow the wall up in the first room.

In the first room, behind a wall, you can blow up in the top right corner near the doorway (Normal +).
In the very first room, on a little platform on the left wall to where you spawn. You can climb up using the Omni Hand Cannon (Hard).
In the middle of the room’s doorway that is impossible to miss (Easy).
One is on the statute by the stairs (Normal), while the other is to the left side of the stairs behind a wall you can detonate on hard.
Inside another explosive wall to the left of the doorway near some corrugated sheets (Easy+)

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