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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Ruin B-02: Walkthrough & Chest Locations

Craig Robinson

The B-02 Ruin in Tower of Fantasy is filled with pressure plate puzzles and some usual bandit foolery. Moreso, there is the usual big bad boss at the end and up to six chests to collect. Here’s a walkthrough for B-02 and screenshots of how to get the chests in the ruin.

We walk you through the Tower of Fantasy B-02 Ruin on all difficulties.

You can locate this ruin on our interactive map here.

Tower of Fantasy Ruin B-02 Walkthrough

As you enter the ruin, you are immediately presented with a few hostels and a few ways to go. Firstly, head straight forward and take out those enemies ahead. They are basic bandit units that don’t require any special tactics to beat.

After that, move on down the pathway, and you shall come across two rooms. One has roots wrapped around it that need burning with a fire element weapon to get a chest on all difficulties, while the room on the left is the main puzzle room. Simply enter the room and throw the cube on the pressure plate to open the first main door. A cutscene shows you where the door is.

The pressure plates are the main minigame in the B-02 ruin.

After that, normal and hard players can jump on the scaffolding to the right of the door as you leave to get another chest. All other players should then drop down into the pit for the next chests. Take care of the enemies in the main pit, and then enter the room with two more enemies. They guard another chest available on all difficulties.

Now that’s done, proceed with the main mission as normal. Enter through the door you opened using the cube, and you will find more rooms to navigate. You need to burn the roots to the room on the left to get access to a cube. However, it is guarded by a big bloke. Once again, dodge its body slams and heavy melee attacks, and you’ll be fine.

The third and final cube opens the boss room.

Now you want to bring that cube into the room on the right. Behind a brick wall is another pressure plate you need to throw it on. This reveals a new room you can’t enter unless the pressure plate has something on it. Throw the cube onto that, head into the fenced-off door to the right of the main room you just entered, get the cube, and throw it onto one of the two pressure plates in the main corridor.

For those on normal, you now want to enter the room again and head to the far back compartment you unlocked. You then want to drop down onto some scaffolding below to get the fourth chest on normal difficulty. Climb back up, and you’re done.

Now you can take the cube off the pressure plate behind the brick wall and then throw it onto the second pressure plate in the corridor. Now you’ve unlocked the boss room.

Minotaur Tactics

Crete is your next destination.

The final boss of the ruin B-02 is the Minotaur, one of the unique bosses of the ruins feature. This boss is fairly interesting, thanks to its unique physical shield mechanics and the fact you can destroy it!

The boss has a special move with its actual shield up. It can jump into the floor and try and crush you under its giant bone shield. It may also try to slam it down onto the floor ins space of a regular melee attack. However, the shield can be destroyed by simply damaging the boss.

After that, it has a few typical moves you’d expect a bsos to make. Tiger sare typical melee range AOE attacks, regular swipes and more.

Some of the most powerful attacks the boss does do need proper highlighting. The first is the double swipe. This move shows with the boss charging its heavy swing axe and the boss going golden, indicating a charge attack is incoming. These hit very hard and tend to follow the player. You need to dash backwards to avoid getting hit by it.

Other than that, the Minotaur is very basic. Though, respect the boss, as players with lower gear scores will find the boss hurt very hard.

B-02 chest locations

Note this ruin is only available on normal at the time of writing. We will include hard mode chests when it unlocks.

(1 of 4) Burn the roots at the end of the first path to get the first chest on all difficulties.

  1. The first chest on all difficulties is in the first room, locked away through vines you need to burn.
  2. The second easy chest is inside the room at the bottom of the pit.
  3. Normal’s first chest is on the rafters between the starting room and the first pressure plate room.
  4. Head into the rafters room between the pit and the third cube room to get the second normal chest.
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