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Tower of Fantasy Ruin C-01: Chests and Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy has plenty of ruins for players to explore as part of their solo content. These are big challenges designed to target people who are leveling up through the game and award them with some big XP numbers and loot at the end. One of the more difficult ones players are starting to encounter is the Tower of Fantasy Ruin C-01.To help you through it, here is a Ruin C-01 Chest and ruin walkthrough to help you out.

Here is a walkthrough of Tower of Fantasy's C-01 Ruin.

You can locate this ruin on our interactive map here.

Tower of Fantasy Ruin C-01 Walkthrough

At the start of Ruin C-01, you will come across a walkway with a closed door. You need to hit the statue with a blue gem and turn it red. This is the general rule of thumb throughout Ruin C-01.

Once the door opens up, there is another room with a single statue inside. Moreso, there are quite a few clone enemies in the area. Deal with the Clones, shoot the statue, and move into the next room via the gravity lift you can fly up. On normal, players will find a chest to the right of the room behind a statue.

The following room has a few more clones on standby, with three more statues at the far end of the corridor. Once again, take care of the Clones and then shoot the three statues at the back. Part of the floor in the room will open up for your to path through. If you want the chest, you can find one to the right of this room in the watery feature before going into the hole.

Go down the hole, journey through the stairs and avoid the spinning pathway. You will then cross onto a landing with a few more Clones and an Omnium Guard robot. Take care of the mobs, and then you will see a new larger room with four statues.

Four statues rotate different bridges you need to cross.

The large room is a puzzle feature. To get to the centre, you must make the front statues red, raising the six steps to the middle. Once on the middle platform, you must get to the right on the roof. Face the platform’s right, then make sure both crystals are blue. Head inside the room and turn the crystal in the room red to open the final door.

If you want the final chest, you need to go to the left of the platform, make the bridge, and enter the little room directly opposite the final switch you just opened. To do so, make the statues on the left of the platform blue to raise the stairs.

Now you’re done, head back to the central platform. You then turn the rear crystals red to make the bridge to the final boss room. Cross the bridge, enter the boss room, and encounter the final boss, Seraph.

Seraph Tactics

Seraph is the final boss of Tower of Fantasy's Ruins C-01.

Seraph is the final boos of Tower of Fantasy’s Ruin C-01. Here you need to pay attention to her floating blades that float around her back, as they are the robot’s weapons.

Horizontal Spin - The blades spin horizontally around Seraph’s body, with the blades facing outwards. These then fire red lazers out every 60 degrees around the boss. Try to stand between the blades to avoid damage or land a clutch dodge to avoid taking damage.

Aerial Attack - The boss makes the blades turn blue before disappearing. They then follow the player’s movement and fire six blasts from above the player. Keep moving to avoid blasts, as getting hit by one stuns you, making the rest of the rounds easier to hit and kill you.

Arcing Beams - Seraph’s Blades move the way the boss is facing, and then the six beams activate. They then tend to arc around from side to side. Outrange it if you use ranged weapons or move close to the boss for melee users so you can deal damage to the boss while Serpah is using that skill.

Six Shots - There is another move the boss does where the blades move above its head and move outwards slightly. They then fire their beams to try and do a ranged attack against the player. This is another move you an use a dodge on.

Melee Swipe - The boss uses the blades as a melee weapon to swipe at enemies in a 180-degree arc around its body.

Lazer Wall - When the boss gets to around 3 bars of HP, it will occasionally fire several lazer beams that move throughout the battlefield. This maintains for several laps of the battlefield while the boss uses the rest of its arsenal. Simply slip between the beams or avoid its path to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Circle Lazers - The boss can use the blades to spin around itself and draw a perfect circle. Either stand out of it or stand under the boss to avoid the damage depending on the weapons you use.

This pretty much sums up the final boss tactics in Tower of Fantasy’s Ruin C-01. Good luck with the chest loot!

Tower of Fantasy C-01 Chest locations

(1 of 4) The first chest is stationed around the water with the three statues at the back of the hallway.

  1. The first chest on easy is by the water feature on the long corridor with the clones.
  2. Build the bridge to the left room from the four crystal puzzle room.
  3. Normal players can find the first normal chest to the right in the first clone room.
  4. The second normal chest is in the pool of water, which you need to shoot the statue crystal before the bridge building puzzle.
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