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Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Sobek: Location, Loot & Tactics

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy has a big croc problem. Those who are level 40 and brave enough to venture into the jaws of death have the opportunity to loot yet another world boss. For those looking to beat the beast, here is a Tower of Fantasy !Sobek Guide, featuring the location, loot and more.

Tower of Fantasy Sobek Location

Here is the location of Sobek in Tower of Fantasy.

!Sobek in Tower of Fantasy is located in the Crow Mines, in a little watery bay south of Parliament. Look for the symbol of the crocodile on the map to find the boss’s location. When you get to the boss’s location, you will either find it spawned against the cliff wall or in combat.

If you’re looking to form a group, players can learn the boss is up on your channel and come by saying the boss is up on your channel. If not, feel free to look for other channels in World Chat if someone reports !Sobek is alive.

Note that !Sobek is a level 40 enemy. It means players should be around level 35 and have their suppressor at a high enough level to venture into the Crown Mines.

Tower of Fantasy Sobek Tactics

The crocodile is a boss with several tactics to take care of. We will post all the prominent tactics along with tips on avoiding dying to !Sobek.

Air Strike: !Sobek goes underwater, making itself untargetable and begins to fire missile strikes across the battlefield and hit many players. You must keep running around the battlefield, avoid the blast zones targeting you, and avoid stepping into other players.

Barrel Roll: !Sobek will look at the ground and then get on its back. The boss will then do a barrel roll, hitting all enemies to the side it rolls on. The move hits in various stages and can be dodged to create a slow barrier to prevent it from rolling again, which makes it easier for your damage dealers to hit !Sobek.

Burrow Attack: !Sobek goes underwater and will shortly appear under a character’s position. It seems to guarantee hit the player it targets, so make sure not to stand near anyone to avoid collateral damage. This move does a lot of damage and will likely kill any low-health or under-levelled players.

Head Charge: !Sobek will power itself up, creating a sort of blue effect on its head. It will then charge around the battlefield and try to collide with players and deal damage. Simply dodge it and get out of its path.

Tail Swipe: !Sobek will occasionally strike using its tail. The boss will move backwards slightly and towards the right, charge for a moment and then whip its tail towards where its head used to be. Anyone on the right of the boss or in front will get hit. Ideally, move to the left side of the tail or outrange it to avoid damage, depending on your current positioning.

Thundering Claw Strike: !Sobek will make its front claws glow blue, raising them into the air before they come crashing down. The move is easy enough to avoid as long as you don’t attack and run away as soon as possible. Those caught around !Sobek’s body will take damage otherwise, and be stunned if directly hit by the claws.

Volt Shield: !Sobek will occasionally put a shield around itself. The monster is a Volt creature and will take reduced shock damage during this phase. Break the shield to return back to normal damage values.

Water Cannon: One of !Sobek’s main moves is to fire its big cannon on its back. The move targets a player, launching a big watery bolt at the enemy and will deal damage unless the player dodges it.

Here is a guide on how to fight and beat Tower of Fantasy’s Sobek World Boss.

Tower of Fantasy Sobek Loot

!Sobek’s loot contains more sources of potential SSR weaponry, along with a decent DPS Matrix for those who want to play the Damage Resonance role. There is also chances at other items of loot for your general matrix, relics, and weapon upgrades. Note that you are not guaranteed any loot from any of the potential sources of loot.

Icon Reward Type
weapon_show_ssr.png Random SSR Weapon SSR Weapon (Rosy Edge, Icewind Arrow, "Absolute Zero" iconAbsolute Zero, "Scythe of the Crow" iconScythe of the Crow, "Chakram of the Seas" iconChakram of the Seas, Negating Cube, Dual EM Stars, "Thunderblades" iconThunderblades, Molton Shield V2)
icon_matrix_SSR2 Crow: Matrix Increase crit damage to targets with less than 60% HP by a percentage amount (based on matrix upgrade) Four set adds a crit deal additional damage DoT equal a percentage of your attack power for five seconds.
weapon_show_sr.png Random SR Weapon SR Weapons ("Thunderous Halberd" iconThunderous Halberd, Staff of Scars, The Terminator, Pummeler, Nightingale’s Feather.)
Couant_shard_200px.png Cybernetic Arm Shards
icon_matrix_SR1_150.png !Sobek: Matrix Three piece grants the following: Increase damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Stack up to 3 times.
icon_matrix_R7_150.png Random R Matrix chip Random Matrix
Weapon_SR_Exp01.png "Weapon battery III" iconWeapon battery III Materials
matrix_exp_sr_150.png Matrix data pack III Materials
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