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Tower of Fantasy Fissure Concentration Rays Guide

Craig Robinson

On their journeys in Tower of Fantasy, players will have stumbled across a fissure in time and space around the Parliament area. To close the fissure, you need to use energy between Concentration Rays scattered around the Crown Mines. This guide will teach you how to close the Tower of Fantasy fissure using all the Concentration Rays.

We teach you how to close this fissure in Tower of Fantasy and get a free golden Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy Concentration Rays and Fissure Guide

(1 of 6) The first Concentration Ray device is on the under-construction tower in the Miner's Camp.

To start this Concentration Rays puzzle, you need to head over to the Miner’s Camp area and climb the broken tower at 377.5, 255.2. Part way up the tower is a device you can activate. Once it’s activated, you can launch a ray towards the next object, which is in a Hyena base on the opposing cliffside.

Head over to the next cliff and then activate the next device. It is on top of a container, side a little Hyena Camp. The chances are you need to deal with the Hyenas in the camp before they let you activate the device. There are also other T1 Supply hests there, so it is worth your time picking that up while you’re there.

With the second device activated, you can now head over to the wooden ramp, climb the building and then get on the pipe. You can now easily climb the cliff using the jetpack. The next device is on the cliffside you have climbed to, and you can activate it.

Now the beam sends you to the other end of the Crown Lands. We recommend following the cliffside around, until you get to the bridge crossing between the Forgotten Lands and where the B-02 Ruin is. You can then cross over safely and then head to the platform. The coordinates of the next one is 495.7,199.3. The grey bit on your map has a bridge connecting to the Transport Hub, which is where the device is. While you path over there are plent of pther collectables and POIs to interact with, so feel free to grab them while on your way over. Once you’re ready, activate the next device, and follow the beam.

The next one is really simple. All you need to do is glide down using your jetpack, and you will arrive at the opposing cliffside, which is where the next device is at. This one will now activate, and you will see the beam connect with another device at the edge of a manmade platform. Once again, glide over to it with your jetpack to arrive at your destination. This final one will activate and beam the Concentration Ray directly into the fissure. Now head over to the fissure and interact with, and you will successfully close it, obtaining a Golden Nucleus.

Congratulation, you have now closed the Fissure in Tower of Fantasy! You’re now one step closer to completing the Crown Lands and all its collectables.


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