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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Ruin D-03 Guide

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy’s Ruin D-03 is another ruin which is all about the boss fight. Players encounter a brand new boss to fight, called the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon. This dragon hurts hard and has a fairly high gear score mark for the level it unlocks. While having a higher GS makes this easier, there are some solid tactics you can do to make it easier on yourself. Here is a Tower of Fantasy Ruins D-03 guide to help you beat the boss.

Here is a guide on defeating the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon in the Tower of Fantasy Ruins D-03 mission.

Tower of Fantasy Ruins D-03 Guide

The first thing you need to know about Ruin D-03 is the chests. The chests on normal are on two pillars located to the side of the spawn. Simply jump up and get them, and you’re done with that. We presume on harder difficulties, the remaining pillars will grant the chests.

Recommended Relics:

  • Omnium Hand Cannon
  • Some form of Defensive Relic (especially if lower than recommended gear score)
  • An appropriate Offense Relic

The Omnium Hand Cannon can create cover for the missile with a weaker explosion radius. Defensive relics are useful instead of using the Hand Cannon, and the Offense relics help players deal additional damage to the boss. This is even more dieal for melee builds, since they get less chances to attack the boss while its in the air. Use whichever one suits your playstyle better or what you have managed to unlock.

Fast Bombs - The boss fires several fast-moving bombs one after another that home in on the player’s position. These are very hard to dodge, but players can let them get close and dash side to side, or alternatively, they can use the Omni Hand Cannon to create cover for themselves. If you have access to an Omnium shield, then that can mitigate the missiles or use the Couant for shields if you so wish.

Also, this move can happen a few times a phase, so be careful if the skill rotation we mention below is interrupted with another fast bomb move.

Melee Strike - Following a fast missile strike, Interdeminsional Icewing Dragon flies over the player and tries to melee swipe them, dealing damage and sending them back.

Slow, but heavy payload - Typically, this move comes after the melee swipe. You need to stand under the boss or move as far away as possible to avoid dying to it. The boss will send out a heavy payload with a huge explosion radius in a circle around the boss that can one-shot players under the recommended gear score.

Zap - The boss sends out a charged attack highlighting an area in red. This is easy to dodge, and if the boss is nearby, dashing out of it creates a slowing zone for you to damage it. This is extremely important if you use melee weapons since the boss is a lot harder to fight for melee users.

Triple slow bomb - Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Begins to fly around the battlfield, firing three very slow-moving bombs at a time. Simply run around the arena and dodge if you feel like it, and you can easily avoid these.

Landing - After the triple slow bomb move, the boss will land on the platform and rest for a moment. The player will take around 20k unavoidable damage (on easy) as the boss lands. This then grants a several-second opening for players to do as much damage as possible to the the dragon, before it takes flight and repeats its skill rotation.

We advise using some form of shielding to mitigate damage before the dragon lands, or taking the time to eat and restore HP if you are low HP. Ideally, you can do these after the final triple slow-moving bomb comes your way and the boss is offscreen for a few seconds.

Once the boss is dead, the Tower of Fantasy Ruins D-03 is done. Congratulations on beating one of the harder Ruins in the game up to this point.

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