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Tower of Fantasy

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Hyenas' Secret

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for the Hyenas’ Secret side mission in Tower of Fantasy. How to enter the Hyenas’ Banges Base.

How to Start the “Hyenas’ Secret” Quest

(1 of 2) Here is where you want to go.

Here is where you want to go. (left), Swimming to the oil rig takes a while; we recommend the jetboard. (right)

To begin this side mission, you must venture to an oil rig off the west shore of Banges, which a group of Hyenas has made their base. It’s located directly west from the Signal Station Ruins spacerift. You can travel there using the Jetboard relic or, if you’re patient, the Jetpack from a high place.

At the east side of the base, a lone Hyena grunt is guarding the entrance. Behind him, there’s a barrier around the base that’ll kick you out if you try to force your way through.

Look for Clues to Get Inside the Hyena Base

Speak to the Hyena Guard

(1 of 3) Choose the first option.

Speak to the Hyena guard and pick the top answer, twice:

  • “I’m with the Hyenas!”
  • “I just want to get in and have a look.”

If successful, the Hyena guard will mutter about one of his friends being captured by an “iron-head” guard at Banges Port.

Speak to Lozwall at Banges Port

(1 of 2) Go to Banges Port.

Go to Banges Port. (left), Speak to Lozwall near the west side of the port. (right)

Now head over to Banges Port, ideally by fast-traveling to the spacerift there. Go over towards the west side of the port, near the food vendor. You’re looking for Lozwall, the robot Port Guard. Speak to him to discuss the Hyenas’ base.

Speak to the Hyena Guard again

(1 of 3) Now pick the 3rd option.

Return to the oil rig from before and speak to the Hyena guard again. This time, choose the new, third option twice:

  • “To be the most liberal Hyena!”
  • “For the most liberal Hyena!”

Hey presto, you’ll be allowed to enter their base!

What to do at the Hyenas’ Banges Base

(1 of 2) Grab the Omnium Beast: Cockpit from the supply pod.

Grab the Omnium Beast: Cockpit from the supply pod. (left), Also inspect the top-secret document on the floor… (right)

The main thing to do is navigate to the top level of the base, by following the stairs and jumping/climbing around. You can also chat with the Hyenas too, if you’re bored.

At the top level, there’s a Special Supply Pod that yields the following:

  • Banges exploration points x25
  • Gold
  • A lot of EXP (around double of a Type II pod)
  • Dark crystal x50
  • Gold nucleus x1
  • Omnium Beast: Cockpit x1

In addition, there’s a Hyena Classified Document on the ground nearby that you should inspect. This is required to access the Hyenas’ base at Navia.

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