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Entrusted Investigation

Matt Chard

The Vera Orienteering Event is a pre-event for the upcoming 2.0 major update which is expected at some point in October 2022. The event started on September 27th and the first phase will be the Entrusted Investigation. This page will help you complete the first phase which will reward you with some currency called “Proof of Contribution” which you can spend in the event shop.

As you can see here, Vera Orienteering comes in three phases with only phase one being available at the moment.

Phase One

There are three phases altogether with only the first phase being available to begin with. This phase needs you to complete the request “Entrusted Investigation” which has two objectives. The first is to “Defeat 5 ”, and the second is to “Use chips to unlock password chests 3 times”.

Where to find Hyena Thugs in Tower of Fantasy

This is a rather simple task that requires you to defeat five Hyena Thugs. By now, you should’ve encountered many of these pesky rascals, but you may have forgotten where you fought them. Thankfully we are here to remind you. Although, you can find them almost anywhere in Astra. The best place to find all 5 of them in quick succession is around Barrenstown which can be found to the west of the Mega Arena Spacerift.

Teleport to the Mega Arena Spacerift, and drop to the path to your west where you’ll find two or three of the Thugs. After that, head over to Rat’s Den: Squeaky which is just to the south of Barrenstown where you can find several more. Once you’ve defeated at least 5 of them, you can collect your first reward which will be 600 “Proof of Contributions’’.

(1 of 2) You can access the Vera Orienteering Event by clicking the "chest" icon at the top right of the screen. From there, click on Vera Orienteering at the bottom of the screen.

You can access the Vera Orienteering Event by clicking the "chest" icon at the top right of the screen. From there, click on Vera Orienteering at the bottom of the screen. (left), When you click on "Entrusted Investigation", that'll be phase one, and you'll be taken to the Request Mission screen where you can obtain your rewards. (right)

Use chips to unlock password chests 3 times

For the second part of Phase One. You’ll need to unlock three password chests with three chips. These can be any type of password chests using any type of chip. You can find where most of the chests spawn by following our Interactive Map.

If you’ve never opened one of these before, you’ll need to use either a "Type I chip" iconType I chip for Type I chests, a "Type II chip" iconType II chip for Type II chests, and finally, a "Type III chip" iconType III chip for a Type III chest. You can find the chips by completing Bounty Missions or Weekly Activities. Use the corresponding chip on the correct chest three times, and you’ll obtain the second reward which will be 500 “Proof of Contributions”.

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