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Tower of Fantasy Ruin B-03: Walkthrough & Chest Locations

Craig Robinson

The Ruin B-03 Tower of Fantasy features a few jumping puzzles, an annoying elite robot, and then Robarg at the end. This ruin is a bit of a pain, especially if you don’t have enough gear score to take on the new difficulties. However, we have a few tips and tricks to beat the Ruin, along with finding all the chests.

Tower of Fantasy Ruin B-03 Walkthrough

Here is everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy Ruin B-03.

You can locate this ruin on our interactive map here.
The Tower of Fantasy Ruin B-03 starts to the side of a flooded ruin, with a platform rotating around a central pillar. To your left is a lever, and to your right is a locked door. You better believe it’s time to flip that level. You can either wait for the platform to go by and use that as a free ride, or launch an Omnium Hand Cannon and triple dash over to it.

It is also worth pointing out that the first chest location on all difficulties is at the top of the central pillar in the middle of the lake. You can easily access it via erecting an omnium tower upwards or climbing from the moving platform.

Afterwards, head into the locked door and encounter your first set of enemies. While these enemies are not particularly difficult, you can kill these rather easily using a knockback trick. If your weapon has a knockback effect, you can launch them into the water and get a free kill. Also, the second chest on easy mode is up against the far back platform that moves up and down. Simply jump on it, and you can open the chest.

Now it’s time to go through the other platform puzzle. Three cylinders move in and out of the wall. You need to jump across these without falling into the water onto another platform around the left corner. After that, you must navigate a room with moving lazers before exiting into a new section of the ruin.

Now you’re in the next enemy section. Here you encounter more basic enemies, along with a big robot. The robot is tough to kill, with a shield, some heavy yellow volt damage AOEs and other big ground punching hits. Try your best to dodge and kill the Watchers as they can ranged zap you. Once again, the Watchers can be knocked off the platform for a quicker kill if you so wish. Once the enemies are dead, look to the right as you enter the area, a ruin chest is on a white stone ledge on the cliffside.

Team rocket blasting off again.

Now, one final step. There is another jumping puzzle with a rotating lazer. Around the stone platforms are floating enemies on jetpacks. You need to beat the enemies any way you like while avoiding the lazers as that will likely kill you or knock you off the edge and reset the fight. Once again, these enemies can be knocked back, spiralling to their deaths. Once that’s done, there is a bridge to the boss room with two more regular baddies left to kill.

If you’re looking for the final chest on normal, it is found to the left of the exit doorway in the boss room. Okay, now onto the boss itself.

Robarg tactics

Another dose of weed killer coming right up.

If you’ve been battling the Robarg world boss, then you’ll find the same tactics. The rule of thumb is to avoid the red swirlies to avoid getting unnecessary damage around the boss. These are tactics melee weapon users need to avoid the most.

The other thing that’s annoying for all types of players is the upshooting stalks. Robarg occasionally launches flowers from the ground to knock you up. Watch for the boss raising her right hand and then dodge as she starts making a noise. This seems to line up better with dodging the flower that comes from the ground to hit you.

If you’re slow to kill her, largely down to the high gear score requirement, the boss will fill the room with poison. You need to triple dash to an exit of the battlefield to avoid it. This then spawns in angry waps to fight alongside her. So you will then need to deal with her allies while avoiding her tactics. This is something else you will likely need to prepare food for or take into account.

As for that, there are no special new tactics to keep an eye on. It’s the same old Robarg, for better or for worse.

Ruin B-03 chest locations

(1 of 4) Climb the stone pillar in the middle to get the first chest on all difficulties.

  1. Stone Pillar at the start of the Ruin on all difficulties.
  2. Via the moving platfrom that goes up and down in the first corridor on all difficutlies.
  3. On the stone ledge to the right of the robot elite enemy on normal difficulty.
  4. To the left of the doroway as you exit the Robarg room for the ending room (Normal).
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