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Tower of Fantasy

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04 - Hykros

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete Chapter 1-04 Hykros in Tower of Fantasy.

Arriving in Hykros

Welcome to Hykros!

When you arrive in Hykros, your first task will be to ask for the truth behind the anomaly at the Omnium Tower. Walk up the steps towards a man named Klema to trigger a cutscene. After speaking to Klema, head further north into Hykros to speak Archon Elric.

Once you’ve spoken to Elric, you’ll have to opportunity to switch suppressors. Go into the menu and open up suppressors. Then you’ll be able to upgrade to a new suppressor and equip it. After doing so, speak to Franz and Elric again.

Defuse the First Bomb

Once you’ve stopped speaking to Franz and Elric, you’ll be tasked with defusing a planted bomb. Time has stopped still and everything is black and white except for the blue silhouette of a man going up the stairs. Follow the silhouettes all the way up the stairs and to the right until you spot a red bomb planted on a wall.

Follow the blue silhouettes to locate the bomb.

Interact with the bomb and you’ll open up a screen in which you’ll have the opportunity to defuse the bomb. To do so, you need to adjust the claw hand until it’s directly above the green wire - if the claw hits the red wire you fail. Use the buttons to move it then launch the claw to snip the green wire and defuse the bomb.

(1 of 2) Locate the bomb

Locate the bomb (left), then use the claw to snip the green wire and defuse the bomb! (right)

Defuse the Second Bomb

It’s not over yet though! There’s another bomb to defuse! This time head up onto the upper level of the area. Follow the blue silhouettes again and climb up the curtained wall. The second bomb is just to the right. The defuse puzzle is a bit more complicated this time with the gap to the green wire a lot narrower, so you’ll need to be way more precise than last time.

(1 of 2) First head up the curtain to the upper level

First head up the curtain to the upper level (left), then defuse the bomb - this time be way more precise! (right)

After defusing the two bombs, report it to Archon Elric. Once you’ve spoken to him and Franz, you’ll be tasked with defusing a bomb planted on the forcefield outside Hykros. Following the conversation, you’ll be transported over to the forcefield and you’ll watch a brief cut scene. After watching your character fail the bomb defusal, you’ll be tasked with telling Franz the bad news. Luckily, you’ll get another shot at defusing the bomb and this time you’re in control of your character.

Defuse the Third Bomb

Head over to the bomb on the forcefield and interact with it to enter into defuse mode. This time, it’ll be even harder to defuse the bomb. You’ll have to avoid the red wires as you’ve done for the previous defusals, but you’ll also have to make sure the claw doesn’t touch the moving orbs or you’ll fail. If you fail you will get another shot so don’t panic!

There are two orbs, one moves quickly and the other moves slower and in the opposite direction initially. Wait until the orbs catch up with each other then lower your claw when they’re just moving past towards one of the sides of the screen.

Wait until both orbs are travelling the same direction.

After successfully defusing the third bomb, talk to Franz. Then, you’ll be directed to listen to Archon Elric’s request. Firstly, you’ll need to ask about the time retracement. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any answers about that but he does ask that you help with the Omnium Towers. After you conclude your conversation with Elric, recount what you’ve learned with Mi-a, who’s just popped up nearby.

Collect Franz’s Gift

After speaking with Mi-a head up the stairs in Hykros and locate a lady called Cobalt-B. She’ll gift you a motorbike named Falcon on behalf of Franz! You’ll have to open up the menu and unlock it before you can start using it but once you’ve done that you’ll have access to it on your toolbar. The movements are quite sensitive so you’ll have to get used to not bumping into things at first.

(1 of 3) Franz has a gift for you - a new motorcycle!

Once you’ve had a play around on the bike, head over to Gerard and prepare to leave. He can be found near the portal that you’ll need to pass through to leave Hykros. Leaving Hykros and returning to Astra Omnium Tower will conclude this portion of the chapter and begin Chapter 1-05 Astra Omnium Tower.

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