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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Claire's Dream Machine Guide

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy is brimming with plenty of exploration content. As you explore the world, you will sometimes encounter Claire’s Dream Machines, which are basically minigames that grant rewards depending on your performance. Here is everything you need to know about Claire’s Dream machines in Tower of Fantasy.

You can find the Dream Mahcines on the world map with details of what they are, as long as one spawned from a chest you looted.

Claire’s Dream Machines in Tower of Fantasy

Claire’s Dream Machines are little mini-game events that offer players various resources. You can occasionally spawn in a Dream Machine when you open supply chests and other items in the open world. When it is out, you can encounter it and proceed into a dream world with a mini-game. In total, there are lots of different mini-games you can get from the Claire’s Dream Machines, including:

  • Collecting
  • Control
  • Energy Harvest
  • Maze
  • Memory
  • Power
  • Survival
  • Shooting

The different mini-games are completely random, which are generated as Claire’s Dream Machine spawns into the world. When one does spawn, you can check the map and see what version it is by clicking on the appropriate dream machine.

Collection Dream Machines

Collection Dream Machines mini-games are platform levels where you must collect items before getting to the end within 2 minutes and 56 seconds. While you have to reach the end, there are other routes you can go and pick up items along the way. The more you collect, the better chance of the rewards.

Optional Goals

  • Collect 80 Rift Energy
  • Collect 100 Rift Energy
  • Collect 120 Rift Energy

Control Dream Machines

The Control minigame requires you to dash around some tricky platformer levels.

Like the collect minigame, the control is another platformer. However, these are more tricky with moving platforms, rotating platforms and other tricky hazards. The main goal is to reach the ending within 42 seconds, with the optional bonuses requiring you to complete it at certain times.
Optional Goals

  • 10 Seconds remaining
  • 20 seconds remaining
  • 30 seconds remaining

Energy Harvest

Moving away from the platformers, there is the 2D side-scrolling mode. You take control of a collector, and you have to scoop as much of the orbs up as possible. Each of the colored orbs offers different amounts of points, with the blue being more common and offer the least rewards, with yellow and red being harder to get and less frequent but offering more points. Players need to get 300 points within the time limit as the main goal.

Optional Goals

  • Complete within 240 seconds
  • 180 seconds
  • 120 Seconds

Maze Dream Machine

The maze minigame takes the player into a virtual maze, intending to collect more rift energy before the time runs out. At a minimum, players need to collect eight before the time runs out. You will need to remember your way and work out puzzles to get into some of the rift energy locations.


  • X11
  • X13
  • X15

Memory Dream Machine

Memory mini-games require the player to work out 16 different pieces and match the pairs of images. The goal is to complete the challenge within the time limit, with the bonuses for doing it quicker. All you need to do is reveal the tiles and then match the images together.


  • Complete in less than 240 seconds
  • 160 seconds
  • 80 Seconds

Power Dream Machine

For those that love boss fighting, this Dream Machine takes you to a boss room. You will arrive on a little platform with just you and a boss. The goal is to beat the boss within the 5-minute time limit, with the optional goal to beat it in a quicker time.


  • Defeat in less than 4 minutes
  • More than 3 minutes
  • Less than 2 minutes

Survival Dream Machine

The survival mini-game in Claire’s Dream Machine requires players to take on waves of spawning enemies, ranging from elites, ranged enemies, flying enemies and melee enemies. The goal is to beat as many as possible before time runs out, with the main goal to stay alive for the 3 minutes.

Optional Goals

  • Defeat 30 enemies
  • 50
  • 70

Shooting Dream Machine

You have to shoot targets and score points on this one.

Lastly, we have the shooting Dream Machine mini-game. This takes the player to a virtual defense turret, which you hop in and starts blasting targets. Like the Energy collector, you get blue, yellow and red signs. The blue signs are the most common and offer the least amount of points. The Yellow is less frequent and slightly further back, while the reds are the rarest, are further back and move. The main goal is to score 500 points within the time limit.


  • 800 Points
  • 1200 Points
  • 1600 Points

Rewards for Claire’s Dream Machines

You can get your hands on a variety of rewards, ranging from basic weapon enhancements, Booster Modules, Advancement Modules, Proof of Purchases, Matrix Gift boxes, Equipment Boxes, Relic Shards, and more. You can see the rewards you get from the main challenge and the optional bonuses for each mission to know what you’re getting. These are great for grabbing some added resources, especially when it comes to fighting some world bosses, upgrading your weapons and matrixes and more, especially for how long they take to do. Overall, Claire’s Dream Machines are something you should do in Tower of Fantasy.

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