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Tower of Fantasy Apple Cake Guide

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy has a new Aida Cafe event on, offering new ways to get loot and Red Nucleus. Three customers will visit your cafe each day, asking for meals. Some of these meal requirements are part of the limited menu, only available during the event. One such meal is the Apple Cake. Here is everything you need to know about Apple Cake in Tower of Fantasy’s Aida Cafe.

Here is a quick guide on the Tower of Fantasy Apple Cakes

Apple Cake in Tower of Fantasy

The Apple cake is one of 10 new recipes added in the limited-time Aida Cafe event. The Apple Cake recipe is a dessert that some of the characters will want to eat, including Zero, King, Ene and Claudia.

To make the Apple Cake recipe, you need one of the following items:

  • Apple
  • Grapes
  • Brown Rice
  • Poultry Egg

The main purpose of this recipe is to serve to your guest during the Aida cafe event. The stats you get from the food is otherwise negligible, as it only offers +20 Satiety recovery.

Best way to farm materials

To make this recipe easily, here are the best places to farm and collect the necessary crafting items.

Apple: Collect from Fallen Fruits, with ideal farming spots north of Ring of Echoes near the north side of the river, and around Banges Dock, Tech and Farm. Simply start at Banges Dock, head east and follow these area, looking for large trees to loot fallen fruit from.

Grapes: You can collect from Ravager enemies all around Artificial Island, or head to Navia’s Ravager base on Raincaller Island.

Brown Rice: This grows abundantly throughout Raincaller Island, and is also accessible around teh base of the Eyrie on Artificial Island.

Poultry Egg: You can find these on top of higher-up positions, like cliff sides, pipes, buildings and more, all over the world map.

This is not too hard to do, and can be easily done regardless of what level of character you are. Lastly, it appears the perfect deciphers of world boss loot seem to grant one of the recipes at random in various quantities. It’s worth considering if you’re farming your world bosses, you may get the event’s meals passively.


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