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Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy Deepsea Stronghold Guide

Craig Robinson

Tower of Fantasy MMO features requires teamwork between players to be successful. One of those features is the Joint Operations feature. The Joint Operations are available daily, with the Deapsee Stronghold largely available on Tuesdays and weekends. Here is a look at Tower of Fantasy’s Deepsea Stronghold with our guide to the bosses and other useful things you need to know.

Here is a guide for the Deepsea Stronghold Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Deepsea Stronghold Guide

You and your team will arrive on a long metal walkway with a few members of the Legion of Aida. Take care of them and then move up the corridor. Upon defeating those enemies, the first chest is at the end of the room for you to spend 30 Vitality on. Your next task is to go into the corridor, avoid the lazers and then flip a switch to turn them off. A new pathway opens on the floor, and the lazers turn off.

Afterwards, head into the tunnel and emerge into a new map section. Go down the corridor, and then pop into the room below. There are a few Aidan Zealots for you to dispatch. Upon defeating those enemies, a yellow portal will open up, spawning a boss called Thunderwings.

Thunder Wings Tactics

Thunderwings is the first boss of the Deepsea Stronghold joint operation.

Thunder Wings will fly around the room and use her volt skills to electrocute her enemies. Players will need to use their Endurance to attack her in the air with melee weapons, while ranged users can try to target her on the metal platforms in the water. It is also possible to use the Omnicannon to create platforms to make targeting her and fighting her easier, especially for melee when Thunder Wings is stationary, hovering above a platform.

As for her actual skills, she tends to target a platform at a time. The platforms turn red, and then Thunder Wings zaps it. Players will need to change platforms to avoid damage.

Moreso, the boss tends to electrocute the water fairly often, punishing players for falling off platforms and into the water. Furthermore, the boss continues to electrocute the portal platform she spawned on. Therefore, players will need to use the limited space they have as best as possible. It is also another reason why Omnium plaforms are ideal for this fight.

Other than that, she doesn’t do much else. Beat her, head up the main platform and loot another chest. You then click a console and teleport to a new room. The new room is a platform, with a big boss under it. Fall and fight the Devourer

Devourer Tactics

Here is a look at the Devourer boss in the Deepsea Stronghold Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy.

Left Paw - The boss raises its left paw and slams it on the ground, dealing damage to those near it.

Right Paw - The Devourer raises its right paw and slaps it on the ground, causing a splash and damaging Wanderers nearby.

Big Jump - The Devourer jumps into the sky and comes crashing down on top of a location. Don’t be under it; otherwise, it will deal big damage. On harder difficulties, this is probably a kill to those who aren’t running the tank resonance power.

Little Splashes - Every so often, the boss spawns water around itself and pulses out, dealing slight damage to nearby enemies.

Once you defeat the Devourer boss, then the Tower of Fantasy Deepsea Stronghold Joint Operation comes to an end. Congratulations!

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