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01 - Banges Port

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete Chapter 2-01 Banges Port in Tower of Fantasy.

Return to Astra Shelter

First things first, head back to Astra Shelter to say goodbye to Palu before you head off to Banges Port in search of Zeke and Shirli. After speaking with them, you’ll learn how to use the Jetboard to surf down the river all the way to Banges Port!

All you’ll need to do is equip the jetboard and race down the river, continuing all the way until you reach the port.

Use the jet board to follow the river down to Banges Port!

Arriving in Banges Port

When you first arrive in Banges Port, you’ll come across some Hyena thugs terrorising a local Banges girl. You’ll need to fight them off and luckily they won’t pose too much of a threat. However, once you’ve fought them off, a Hyena enemy named White Lightning will appear.

He’s a big tankier and better equipped than the other Hyena Thugs, but again, he isn’t all that scary! Just make sure to time your dodges well to trigger phantasia and deal lots of damage with your discharge attacks.

White Lightning has a bounty on his head!

After he’s defeated, speak to Hilda, the lady who you’ve just saved! She’ll take you over to Banges Port to meet some of the locals. The first people you’ll meet are Theo and his dad, President Kolador.

Once you’ve spoken to Hilda, Kolador and Theo, Hilda will take you over to buy some of her favorite food from Callie.

Help Harry

Next on your to do list in Banges Port is to meet Harry with Hilda. He’ll ask you to help haul some cargo from the port over to his shop. Follow the blue markers over to the dock and pick up any of the boxes laying on the ground. The task is a bit tiresome as your move speed is drastically reduced and you have to walk all the way back with the box in hand. Once you’ve dropped off a box, speak to Harry to let him know.

(1 of 2) Go help Harry by picking up some of his cargo

Go help Harry by picking up some of his cargo (left), carrying it back is a slow job, though! (right)

Retrieve the Balloons for Anne

After helping out Harry, your next task will be to head to the harbor to find Hilda. She wants you to help her retrieve Anne’s balloons that have gotten stuck in one of the lamp posts nearby. To reach it, you’ll want to fly up then let yourself slowly drop until you can interact with the balloons.

Grab the balloons using your jetpack.

Help Crow Fix the Lanterns

The errands don’t stop! Next on your list is to speak to Crow. He needs some help repairing the 5 lanterns around the port. The first can be found near the large yellow pipes, then the next two can be found near some boxes next to the metal fence. The final two lanterns are found further down on the pier.

After repairing them all, speak to Crow. He’ll then ask you to turn on the lanterns using the large switch nearby.

(1 of 2) First, repair all 5 lanterns

First, repair all 5 lanterns (left), then switch them on! (right)

The fireworks are a success, however amidst the celebrations, you spot Zeke and the mysterious lady, Frigg! You’ll be tasked with chasing after them. You’ll need to head back to the beach that you first arrived on when you came to Banges Port!

How to Fight Frigg

Frigg will spot you coming and you’ll be forced to fight her. She’s pretty tough and has three health bars as well as the ability to give her self shield bars. That being said, you’re only going to be fighting her until you’ve whittled down one health bar so if you’re finding her difficult then at least there’s that silver lining! She wields two katanas and unlike a lot of other fights you’ve taken during the story, Frigg is a quick and agile fighter and this might throw you off initially. With this in mind, you may find it tougher to fight in melee range and instead opt for using a bow and trying to maintain distance. But don’t forget to at least occasionally switch weapons so you can utilise discharge attacks.

Dodge Frigg's attacks to trigger phantasia.

She can, however, close distance really fast with teleporting abilities, but if you dodge the incoming attack that follows the teleport then you’ll be able to trigger phantasia and get in some discharge attack damage.

Once you’ve taken her down to x2 health bars, you’ll trigger a cutscene in which she beats you up and leaves abruptly.

Head back over to Banges Port and speak to Hilda to complete Chapter 2-01 Banges Port.

Even if you thought you might win, Frigg will beat you up and run away!


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