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Final Fantasy VIII
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First Published: 15-03-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Final Fantasy VIII Guide

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Disc 4

Lunatic Pandora - Part 3

You’ll start out right where you left off, and really, there’s not much to this place. Still, to recap, Rinoa continues her as-of-yet unbroken streak for the most useless Final Fantasy character of all time by getting captured again, and you need to save her. Again.

After the fight with Seifer, you'll be informed that Rinoa's doing what she does best - needing rescued
Return to where you fought Mobile Type 8 and use a crane to reach high ground.

Adjust your party when given a chance - if you had her with you, you’ll need to replace her (at this point, a sack of potatoes would be more useful), switch your junctions around as needed, then head back to the screen where you fought Mobile Type 8, head across a bridge to the right and climb a ladder. If you climb a second ladder you’ll find yourself atop a platform with a Break draw point, but to continue on head to the platform atop the first ladder and use a crane to reach a walkway above, then exit to the right. Continue across a bridge and go through a doorway to find Seifer and Rinoa. Watch the scenes that follow and you’ll find yourself in a most peculiar battle…

Boss - Adel

HP: (Lv10)15,000
HP: (Lv20)25,000
HP: (Lv30)35,000
HP: (Lv46)51,000
Weaknesses:Wind (150% damage)
Resistances:Holy (absorbs), Gravity (immune)
Status Resistances:Immune to most status effects; Reflect 0% -- Regen 0% -- The End 0%
Draw (Lv1-19):Blizzard, Fire, Thunder
Draw (Lv20-29):Blizzara, Fira, Thundara
Draw (Lv30+):Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga
Mug:Samantha Soul
HP: (Lv10)6,300
HP: (Lv20)6,800
HP: (Lv30)7,500
HP: (Lv46)9,036
Resistances:Gravity (immune)
Status Resistances:Immune to most status effects; Reflect 0% -- Regen 0% -- The End 0%
Draw:Dispel, Esuna, Regen
Mug:Megalixir x8

Adel will regularly leech Rinoa's HP, after which she'll launch a magical attack.
Counter this by casting Regen on Rinoa
Or by directly healing her.

You’re not just fighting one sorceress, but two, as Adel has managed to junction Rinoa. Adel’s not at full strength yet, and will regularly absorb HP from Rinoa to fuel herself. This will allow Adel to cast a variety of spells and attacks, like Energy Bomber, Flare, Meteor, Quake and yes, even Ultima. Some of these can be mitigated by Shell, including the potent Ultima, so Auto-Shell comes highly recommended here. You’ll know Ultima is incoming if you see the warning message "Magic powers are concentrated on Adel!", so be ready to heal afterwards.

Not only does Rinoa’s life force fuel Adel’s offense, keeping Rinoa alive is a must for this fight. If Rinoa dies, you lose, so you’ll have to avoid any area-of-effect attacks, including certain spells (Meteor, Ultima), GFs, and yes, even some limits - some of Squall’s finishers hit all foes, and so Squall’s limit breaks should be avoid. Zell’s basic limit moves (Punch Rush, Booya and Heel Kick) spam are fine, though, as is Irvine’s limit, provided you avoid Fire Ammo and Shotgun Ammo.

Adel can cast high level magics, including Meteor
and Flare
When you get a warning about "magical powers concentrating on Adel", be wary... she's about to unleash a potent Ultima spell.

Fortunately you can heal Rinoa, either directly via the use of Recover, items, or spells, but she also has the Regen spell you can draw from her, although Adel seems to consume Rinoa’s HP faster than Regen will replenish it. Rinoa also has stocks of Dispel and Esuna, which are useless as Adel won’t buff herself nor will she use debilitations against you. If you’re incredibly foolhardy you can attempt to Mug Rinoa, as she’ll yield 8x Megalixirs. Regardless of your own stats at the time, Rinoa will have between 6,000 and 9,000 HP here, so she’s not overly fragile, but you probably don’t want to run the risk of stealing from her unless you’ve gone to great lengths to weaken a character specifically for the purpose.

You can steal a Samantha Soul from Adel easily enough, but risking Rinoa's life for Megalixirs is a much riskier prospect.
To finish Adel quickly, cast Aura on a character
then unleash their limit break on Adel - Zell and Irvine are, used properly, safe choices that won't hurt Rinoa.
Keep up the pressure and Adel will soon be defeated.

Immediately draw and cast Regen from and onto Rinoa and provide her with supplemental healing when necessary. Adel draws a few hundred HP from Rinoa before every attack, but Adel herself doesn’t have enough HP to really make this a long fight, especially if you cast Aura on Zell or Irvine and target Adel with safe limit breaks. Failing that, just lay into Adel in melee combat, and if you’re confident enough, try to mug a Samantha Soul from her. Adel is weak to Wind damage, so junctioning that to your Elemental Attack can make this go faster.

Defeat Adel so Laguna can carry out his plan… oh, and to rescue Rinoa. Whatever.

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