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Final Fantasy VIII

Laguna Dream - The Winhill Patrol

Nathan Garvin

You’ll find yourself in control of Laguna, whose cozy life is a fine contrast with how things left off with Squall. He’ll be told by some little girl named Ellone that some strangers are here to see you. Might as well go see what’s up, eh?

(1 of 2) Near a cabinet you’ll find a Curaga draw point

Near a cabinet you’ll find a Curaga draw point (left), enter the bar to reunite with an old friend. (right)

Save if you wish at the nearby Save Point (didn’t you just save?) then head up to find a doorway. Next to the doorway is a drab dresser in front of which is a hidden Curaga draw point. Definitely worth drawing from! Head downstairs and talk to Ellone again, then leave the house.

A Familiar Face

Once outside head down to the house just below the one you exited (it’s got a round sign that says “pub”, but these graphics… haven’t aged well) to reach the pub, where Ellone will get a talking-to from a woman named Raine. After some chatter Kiros will show up, sporting an… oddly tight outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Just what the hell has he been up to?!

Talk to Kiros to catch up (apparently it’s been a year since Centra) and when you get a chance, exhaust Kiros’s dialogue options, saving Let’s talk later… for last. You’ll learn about Ward’s new job at D-District Prison and Julia’s marital status. Perhaps this is finally a link connecting Squall and Laguna, albeit a very tenuous one?

Whatever the case, if you picked the grayed-out option, Laguna and Kiros will mention the “faeries”, which will make their job easier, the job in question apparently involving battles. Might as well get to it, then. Kiros will join the party and you’d be wise to junction GFs to him. Laguna has whatever junctions Squall had earlier, but Kiros will have none - you’re not getting a third character, so just toss everything on Kiros and put on what spells you want. This isn’t a long or difficulty section, and honestly the battles probably aren’t even worth your time, if you want to just slap on Enc-None and be done with it.

(1 of 2) When you approach a bridge Laguna will reveal his new profession

When you approach a bridge Laguna will reveal his new profession (left), fortunately the monsters in the area are quite weak (right)

The Winhill Patrol

When you’re all junctioned up, leave the pub and head south to a bridge where Kiros will question Laguna on how he earns his livelihood. As improbable as it is, Laguna is the closest thing to a monster hunter they have here, which really speaks to the magnitude of this war… Head to the lower right side of the screen and descend some stairs to find a Dispel draw point. Worth noting, at the very least!

Cross the bridge to the south and exit the area, then follow the road south until you find a fork in the road. To the right, near a roadblock, you’ll find a Drain draw point. Draw from it if you wish, then exit to the right to find a Reflect draw point. These things are everywhere! Head down a slope, then exit to the lower left.

(1 of 3) There are numerous draw points in town and on the patrol route

On the next screen continue left until you reach a three-way-fork, at which head down until you spot an item shop to the left, which is coincidentally where your patrol ends. After Laguna is done babbling, enter the item shop to find out that… not everybody is friendly. Oh well, Laguna has 3,000G which you don’t get to take with you, but you do get to keep any items you buy, so blow your cash on whatever goods you want.

When you’re done shopping, follow the road north until Kiros starts badgering Laguna about his wasted… well potential seems like too strong a word. His journalistic ambitions? In the next screen, more chatter will ensue, after which you’ll find yourself in the town square. Return to the pub and head upstairs to overhear some girl talk, after which talk to Raine to give a run-down of your patrol. Once done, exit the pub, return to the house above it and go take a nap to ironically end this dream sequence.

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