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Final Fantasy VIII


Nathan Garvin

Something of a prodigy, as far as child-soldiers go, she became a SeeD at the age of 15 (which should indicate just how elite this organization is) and an instructor at 18 (again…). She prides herself on being able to connect with her students, unless they happen to be gunblade-users, in which case she’s basically lost. Her hobbies include acting like a bossy older sister while also being fairly personally indecisive.

Level HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
Lv 8 501 7 5 6 6 20 15
Lv 100 3,883 46 30 42 34 34 21

Limit Break: Blue Magic

Quistis’s limit break is Blue Magic, which are a variety of attacks (usually mimicking enemy attacks) that she can learn by consuming various items. Gross. Whenever her limit pops up, you’ll be able to choose whichever Blue Magic you wish to use, provided you’ve learned it. The various Blue Magic spells Quistis can learn, their effects, and how to learn them, can be found below:

Blue Magic Effect Item
Laser Eye Damages one enemy (base power 40-64). N/A
Ultra Waves Damages all enemies (base power 27-33). Spider Web
Electrocute Thunder damage to all enemies (base power 30-50). Coral Fragment
LV?Death Casts Death on enemies whose level is divisible by 4, 3, 2 or 1 (varies). Curse Spike
Degenerator Kill one enemy. Works on most non-boss foes. Black Hole
Aqua Breath Water damage to all enemies (base power 50-100). Water Crystal
Micro Missiles Gravity attack that deals damage equal to 50%, 75%, 87.5% or 93.75% of target’s HP, up to 9,999 damage max. Missile
Acid Damages and inflict debuffs one an enemy, possibly including Blind, Meltdown, Petrify, Poison and Silence. Mystery Fluid
Gatling Gun Damages one enemy (base power 60-120). Running Fire
Fire Breath Fire damage to all enemies (base power 70-120) Inferno Fang
Bad Breath Inflicts a variety of status effects, possibly including Berserk, Blind, Confuse, Death, Doom, Meltdown, Petrify, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Slow-Petrify, Stop and Zombie. Malboro Tentacle
White Wind Restores HP to all party members. Healing amount is equal to the amount of HP Quistis is missing from her current maximum. Whisper
Homing Laser Damages one enemy (base power 100-250). Laser Cannon
Mighty Guard Bestows a variety of buffs, possibly including Aura, Float, Haste, Protect, Regen and Shell. Barrier
Ray-Bomb Damages all enemies (base power 80-110). Power Generator
Shockwave Pulsar Damages all enemies (base power 150-250), one of the few attacks that can break the damage limit of 9,999. Dark Matter

Now that you know what Blue Magic spells Quistis can learn, it’s time for another handy-dandy table showing you were to find all these items that bestow Quistis with Blue Magic:

Item Enemy (Drop) Enemy (Mug) Card Mod
Barrier Behemoth Behemoth Behemoth Card x10
Black Hole Gesper, Wendigo Gesper Gesper Card x1, Diablos Card x1
Coral Fragment Blitz, Cockatrice, Creeps Creeps Creeps Card x1
Curse Spike Creeps, Forbidden, Grand Mantis, Imp, Malboro, Tri-Face Tri-Face Tri-Face Card x1
Inferno Fang Hexadragon, Ruby Dragon Ruby Dragon Ruby Dragon Card x10
Laser Cannon Belhelmel, Elastoid, Mobile Type 8 Elastoid, Mobile Type 8 --
Malboro Tentacle Malboro Malboro Malboro Card x4
Missile GIM52A, BGH251F2 Death Claw, GIM52A --
Mystery Fluid Gayla Gayla Gayla Card x1
Power Generator -- Blitz (Lv30+, rare) --
Running Fire Iron Giant, SAM08G, BGH251F2 SAMO8G SAM08G Card x1
Spider Web Caterchipillar Caterchipillar Caterchipillar Card x1
Water Crystal Chimera, Fastitocalon, Fastitocalon-F, Grand Mantis Fastitocalon Fastitocalon Card x1, Fastitocalon-F Card x5
Whisper Adamantoise Adamantoise --

Shockwave Pulsar: You’ll notice the above list leaves out Dark Matter, which is required to learn Shockwave Pulsar. That’s because this item can be fairly tricky to obtain. First, if you have Chocobo World, good news! Just play that. It’s far easier to find it there than in the actual game. If you’re stuck with just Final Fantasy VIII, however, you’ll need to harvest 100x Curse Spikes, which can be obtained from a variety of sources including as drops from Creeps, Forbidden, Grand Mantis, Imp, Malboro and Tri-Face enemies, by mugging Tri-Face enemies, or by refining Tri-Face cards via Card Mod.

That’ll get you some Curse Spikes, but to get 100x of the things, in a reasonable time frame, there’s a bit of a trick. In the Deep Sea Research Center after you defeat Bahamut you’ll have to descend through multiple floors, expending steam (RSP) units to get to the bottom. Your goal is to make it to a door separating the Deep Sea Research Center from an Excavation Site with Zell in your party and between 10-13 RSP units left, which you can do by following these instructions:

  • Floor 1: You’ll automatically expend 4 RSP to open the way to Floor 2.

  • Floor 2: Use the terminal to the right of the stairs and use 2 RSP to open the way to Floor 3.

  • Floor 3: Use a terminal under the stairs and expend 4 RSP to open a door to the left. Go through the door and use a terminal to recover 7 RSP Return back to the room to the right and use a terminal to the right of the stairs and expend 2 RSP to descend to Floor 4.

  • Floor 4: Use the terminal to the right of the stairs and expend 1 RSP to open the way to Floor 5.

  • Floor 5: Use the terminal to the right of the stairs and expend 1 RSP to open the way to Floor 6 - ride the elevator down.

  • Floor 6: Reach this floor with Zell in your party and between 10-13 RSP (following the instructions above will accomplish this). Pick the dialogue option option Well… Zell’s pretty good with machinery and he’ll end up strong-arming the door to the left without expending any RSP.

This will rouse the monsters in the Excavation Site, and on the first floor of the Excavation Site you’ll find three static encounters with Tri-Face enemies. You can fight these Tri-Face foes, Mug them for Curse Spikes (the higher their level, the more you’ll get), exit the screen and return to do it all over again. There’s even a Save Point here to make the grind easier.

However you manage it, acquire 100x Cure Spikes and refine them (Tool-RF) into one unit of Dark Matter. Gotta be honest, kind of a chore, especially when Irvine, Squall and Zell will do more damage with their limits.

Weapon: Whip

Quistis wields a whip, which is iconic and all, but its stats aren’t terribly impressive in Final Fantasy VIII. Only Zell has a weaker ultimate weapon.

Weapon Materials Cost Str Hit%
Chain Whip M-Stone Piece x2, Spider Web x1 100G 12 103%
Slaying Tail Magic Stone x2, Sharp Spike x1 200G 15 104%
Red Scorpion Dragon Skin x2, Ochu Tentacle x2 400G 20 105%
Save the Queen Energy Crystal x4, Malboro Tentacle x2, Sharp Spike x4 800G 25 107%

How to Obtain Save the Queen: Unfortunately, Quistis’s ultimate weapon isn’t just on the weak side, but it can also be rather tedious to obtain. Malboro Tentacles come easily enough from Malboro enemies (you hopefully won’t start encountering them until disc 3) but you can also refine eight Malboro Cards via Card Mod to get them. Share Spikes are even easier, as you can refine either Death Claw Cards or Grand Mantis Cards to get them. Energy Crystals, however, are a chore. They’re dropped by Behemoth, Elnoyle and Ruby Dragon foes - none of which you’re likely to encounter until disc 3 - but you can also refine 10x Elnoyle Cards for an Energy Crystal. Squall’s Lion Heart was enough of a chore at 2x Energy Crystals (hence, 20x Elnoyle Cards), but at least that unlocked one of the strongest attacks in the game. Quistis requires twice as many, which is an absurd grind, and the benefit is… a weapon with +5 Str and +2 Hit%.

You can probably afford to wait before upgrading to Quistis’s ultimate weapon.

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