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Final Fantasy VIII


Nathan Garvin

To acquire the Cactuar GF you’ll need to land on Cactuar Island, which is off the coast (southeast of) the Kashkabald Desert. This requires you to have the Ragnarok, which itself is acquired on disc 3. On Cactuar Island you’ll find a massive Cactuar rising from the sand. Chase it down to provoke an encounter with Jumbo Cactuar. Defeat this thorny menace to gain the Cactuar GF. Cactuar’s signature attack, 1000 Needles, will deal 1000 damage to every opponent per ten levels of Cactuar, dealing 2,000 damage at levels 20-29, 3,000 damage at levels 30-39, and 10,000 damage at level 100.

Cactuar Stats

Level HP Attack
20 1,766 2,000
100 8,150 10,000

Cactuar Base Compatibility

Squall Quistis Zell Selphie Rinoa Irvine
580 550 540 700 640 560

Cactuar Compatibility Factors

Compatibility Factor Source
Opposed GF --
Compatibility Items Cactus Thorn
Favored Magic --
Opposed Magic --

Cactuar Abilities

Cactuar can learn the very rare Eva-J and Luck-J junctions, and fittingly enough can also learn Eva+30% and Luck+50%, although its dubious these latter two are worth using.

Other abilities include Auto-Potion (character uses restoratives when damaged), Defend (negates physical attack damage outright and reduces magic damage by 50%), Expendx2-1 (only expend one spell when doublecasting spells), Kamikaze (user sacrifices themselves to deal damage equal to the character’s max HPx5), Initiative (character starts battle with their ATB bar filled) and Move-HP Up (character regenerates HP as they walk).

While Cactuar has a slew of interesting abilities and junctions, perhaps the most interesting abilities this GF possesses are all of the stat bonus abilities - HP Bonus, Str Bonus, Vit Bonus, Mag Bonus and Spr Bonus. If you keep a character low level until you reach Cactuar and equip this GF onto them, they can potentially boost four stats at the same time while leveling up, making for some pretty great stat gains.

Ability AP
Eva-J 200
Luck-J 200
Magic --
GF --
Draw --
Item --
HP Bonus --
Str Bonus --
Vit Bonus --
Mag Bonus --
Spr Bonus --
Auto-Potion 150
Defend 100
Expendx2-1 250
Kamikaze 100
Initiative 160
Move-HP Up 200
Eva+30% 150
Luck+50% 200
GFHP+10% 40
GFHP+20% 70
GFHP+30% 140
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