A brash, energetic loudmouth who has trouble keeping his emotions under control. Probably because, you know, he’s a seventeen year old boy. Has a bad knack for blurting sensitive information out at inopportune times and is easily provoked by juvenile insults, particularly by being called “chicken-wuss”. He also likes hot dogs, which are apparently some sort of delicacy in Balamb Garden.

Lv 854475642115
Lv 1004,018473342273520

Limit Break: Duel

Zell’s limit break, Duel, allows him to attack with a variety of maneuvers, which are performed by entering a specific button combination. The duration of Zell’s Duel is timed (the time varies depending on a variety of factors, including having a lower percentage of your max HP, having allies KO’d, and being afflicted by negative status effects), but the timer stops during each maneuver’s attack animation. Since none of Zell’s maneuvers break the damage limit, you can maximize your damage by simply spamming simple moves like Punch Rush, Booya and Heel Drop.

Despite this, Zell can also learn new moves by reading issues of Combat King which can be found during your travels. You’ll never really want to use them in combat, and any you miss can be purchased at a store near the end of the game (two of the magazines can’t be found until after you have access to the store, at that!), but for the sake of completionism their locations are as follows:

Combat King IssueManeuver TaughtLocation
Combat King 001Dolphin BlowD-District Prison, Floor 1. In the right cell.
Combat King 002Meteor StrikeDefeat Fujin and Raijin in Balamb in disc 2.
Combat King 003Meteor BarretAt the start of disc 3, have Zell in your party. Talk to a "Library Girl with a Pigtail" in the library of Balamb Garden. Return to Balamb town and talk to a girl in red skirt by the gas station to learn about some pigtailed girl who was at Zell's house. Head to Zell's house and talk to Ma Dincht, then head to the Balamb inn and rest. Zell should be talking to a girl downstairs when you wake up, who will give him this magazine.
Combat King 005Final HeavenDuring the second Laguna Dream, you'll need to use the detonator to move boulders an open hatches. Much later in the game, if you did things correctly as Laguna, you'll be able to find this magazine on the ground of Lunatic Pandora.

…or failing all that you can just buy all the issues of Combat King for 750G (save for Combat King 005, which costs 22,500) from the Esthar Book Store. No reason you shouldn’t be able to get infinite money by this point, anyways, and it saves you quite a bit of bother.

In any event, now that you know where to get all of Zell’s limit maneuvers, here’s a list of them all and their effects:

Punch RushDamages one enemy (base power 16).
BooyaDamages one enemy (base power 18).
Heel DropDamages one enemy (base power 20).
Mach KickDamages one enemy (base power 24).
Dolphin BlowDamages one enemy (base power 28).
Meteor StrikeDeals damage equal to 25% of target's HP, capped at 9,999 damage. Counts as gravity damage.
Burning RaveDamages all enemies. Finisher (base power 48).
Meteor BarretDamages one enemy. Finisher (base power 52).
Different BeatDamages one enemy. Finisher (base power 72).
My Final HeavenDamages all enemies. Finisher (base power 50).

Weapon: Gloves

Matching his straight-forward personality, Zell… well, Zell just likes to hit things. Despite doing a mix of different strikes during his limit breaks, his weapons - if you can call them that - are limited to gloves. Zell has the weakest ultimate weapon in the game, having the standard base Strength of 25, but with a lousy 103 Hit%.

Metal KnuckleFish Fin x1, M-Stone Piece x4100G1298%
MaverickDragon Fin x1, Spider Web x1200G1599%
GauntletDragon Skin x1, Fury Fragment x1400G20101%
EhrgeizAdamantine x1, Dragon Skin x4, Fury Fragment x1800G25103%

How to Obtain Ehrgeiz: The earliest Adamantine can be practically obtained is by refining the Minotaur Card into 10x Adamantine, which you can earn in the Tomb of the Forgotten King. You can refine 4x Blue Dragon Cards into the Fury Fragment you need, leaving only the Dragon Skin. Sadly, this is something of a chore to obtain, at least if you’re low level. It’s rarely dropped by low level Grendels, but commonly dropped (and in great quantities!) but high level Anacondaurs, which can be found throughout the forests near Timber. Given its scarcity at lower levels, low level parties should just wait until they obtain the Tonberry GF so they can use the LV Up command. Higher-level parties (30+) should have little trouble acquiring this component whenever they please.

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