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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Guide

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Roamers Scenario

Dance of Our People

At the Shrine of Mysteries, choose the green pillar and then the southwestern pedestal, which will teleport you to the new land. There’s nothing of note in the first area, so run to the Roamers’ Encampment to the southwest. It’s important to note that all of the items in this area are only available for a limited time, so it’s best to get them now. Make sure your camera is facing north for ease of instructions, then start off by going into the northeastern tent, where you will find a Leather Hat inside of the chest.

Enter the northwestern tent to find two more chests, one containing 20 gold coins and the other having a Mini Medal (#16) . Also, right outside of the very same tent will be a few pots; one of those pots contains 13 gold coins . In the southern tent, you will find a Blue Fragment laying on the ground. You can’t enter the northern tent for right now, so ignore it and go inside the northeastern tent to speak with the woman there.

Once you do that, go clockwise around the entire encampment and speak with everyone you find. Upon making it back to the northern tent, you will get a scene when talking to the man out front, bringing you inside of the tent. Two of the four chests are locked, but the unlocked ones contain a Seed of Resilience and 5 gold coins . Exit the tent for another scene, then approach Kiefer in the northwest for yet another.

It seems he is worried about Lala, so enter her tent and speak with her, then exit the tent for another scene. Talk with the woman in the southeast to get some Spirit of the Dance, then bring it over to Kiefer and enter Lala’s tent once more. There will be another scene that plays out, then you can exit the tent for one more longer scene that will bring you to the next point in this side-story. Exit the encampment to the south and follow the path, stopping about halfway to some small hill, where you will find a treasure chest ( Magic Water ).

The location of the treasure chest containing the Magic Water.

Cross the first bridge and continue north, stopping at the church to heal (the cat heals you for free) and save. Make your way across the second bridge and into the cave shown on your map. This Mountain Pass "dungeon" isn’t really one that needs documented, as it is linear and doesn’t offer anything in terms of items or side paths, so storm through it and on the other side, you will come across the next Roamers’ encampment. Grab the Seed of Agility from one of the pots next to the western tent, then go inside and speak with the lady to go to sleep.

Exit to the north and follow the path to get to the Pool of the Cave. There’s no items here, so just go around and talk to the necessary people to advance the story. Talk to Rom Baro (the old guy) first, saving if needed, then talk to the older lady on the right to learn you need to rest again (in the northern tent). After waking up, exit the tent to get a scene, with Florin joining your party. It’s now time to delve into the Poolside Cave!

Warning: Some of the items in this dungeon are missable, so it’s in your best efforts to explore thoroughly and grab them all.

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