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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Animal Farm

Jarrod Garripoli

Zoom to the Shrine of Mysteries and choose to look at the green tablet pillar. You may have already placed the green fragments you’ve acquired thus far, but you couldn’t finish the one pedestal until now, so place them all in the northwestern pedestal to be teleported to the next area. To be on the safe side, head straight north from where you land to the town, only to find it inhabited by a bunch of animals (and a few humans who can’t talk).

Something strange is going on in this town!

There’s not much you can do with the population of L’Arca, so ignore them and concentrate on grabbing all of the sweet loot. Inside of the item shop will be a Seed of Resilience in one of the barrels, but that’s only the normal entrance. Going through the back entrance will net you with a Medicinal Herb in one of the vases on the first floor, as well as a Hairband in the drawer on the second floor and a treasure chest containing a Seed of Life on the second floor. Despite the clerk being a chicken, you can still buy items.

Enter the house in the southeast corner and grab the 5 gold coins from the cupboard, then check the barrels on the side of the inn for some horse manure. Inside of the inn, you will find a Mini Medal (#4) in one of the cupboards. The house behind the inn has a Bone Stake in the lone vase; this is a weapon that none of your current characters can equip, but it’s good to keep around. Feel free to check out the weapon/armor shop, but note that you will be getting a free Kitty Shield soon, so don’t purchase one.

The only buildings remaining are those in the northeast corner, so head into the big one to find 5 gold coins and an Antidotal Herb inside of the jars. The smaller building doesn’t have any items, but it appears to have a child chained up to some post, but it’s locked tight and there’s no way to seemingly break it. You may be a bit lost as to what to do next, but if you keep checking in with your party members, you will get them to mention the one guy near Estard who can speak with animals, so return to the teleporter to get back to the Shrine of Mysteries.

If you’ve never been to this place, there’s 5 gold coins in one of the barrels outside, as well as some Rags in one of the cupboards on the first floor. Head into the basement to find more stuff to smash ( 3 gold coins and a Medicinal Herb ) and a chest ( Seed of Magic ). Speak with the Woodcutter upstairs to explain the situation and with a little persuasion from his feline friend, he will join up with you to travel back to L’Arca. After speaking with a few of the animals, the Woodcutter doesn’t understand a single word.

However, there’s a slight twist, as if you talk to one of the humans, it turns out that they are really the animals (and the animals that are present are actually the humans). You’ll need to talk to all of the animals in human form, and you’ll find them on the second floor of the item shop, in the fenced-in area of the house in the southeast corner, in the bed of the big house in the northeast corner and roaming in the middle of the village. Once you’ve talked to those four, find the boy chained in the small building and the Woodcutter will set him free, although he’ll run off on his own.

With the Woodcutter in your party, talk to the people, who happen to be the animals.

Before you head for the Grotto, there is one thing you can get that will help bolster Maribel’s defenses. On the overworld map, go north of the town and to the bridge, where you’ll appear in a new area. In the middle section of the eastern side of this small map, you should be able to spot a chest and inside of that chest will be a Kitty Shield. This is the reason why you shouldn’t have bought one back in town, since it’ll save you some money.

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