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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Guide

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Al-Balad Scenario

Al-Balad (Present)

If you don't remember, Zoom over to Ballymolloy and sail west from there to reach the continent with the Dig Site. With an increase in price to enter the tent now in effect, pay the ten coins to enter and take the other exit. Speak with large man guarding the ladder to hand over the Care Package, causing him to move out of the way, allowing you to freely explore the site below. There isn't much to find here, but the lone pot you can get to has a Mini Medal (#34) and you can also reach the Yellow Fragment you couldn't get earlier.

Next, sail on over to the land you just unlocked, landing on a thin strip of land that's not connected to the mainland (the landing spot should be on the north end of the entire area). You'll know it's the right spot, as there is a building to your south. Enter the house and break the barrel on the first floor for a Pretty Betsy , then check one of the drawers on the second floor for a Silk Robe . That's all there is to do here, so return to your ship, sail slightly to the east and land on the main portion of the island.

On the northern tip of the island is a chest, which contains a Seed of Agility . Enter the Temple Palace and you will be greeted by someone, who goes to get someone else to welcome you. Apparently, it was foretold that you, the Saviours of the Sands, would return. After all of the celebration, you'll be free to explore the grounds, so start by going south into the main room and into the northwestern one. Examine the cupboards to find a Silver Tiara , Noble Garb and Silk Bustier .

Land on the strip as shown to get to the one lone building (left). You can't open the chests in the Temple Palace yet (right).

The rest of the temple grounds doesn't have much of anything else in it and despite there being some chests in the rooms on the very bottom floor, you can't access them. So, leave the temple and head on over to Al-Balad. In the house immediately to your left, you will find a Medicinal Herb in one of the barrels, as well as a Dancer's Costume in one of the cupboards upstairs. Behind the item shop are two barrels, one of which has a Mini Medal (#35) . The house north of the item shop has three entrances; the middle one has a Seed of Life in one of the pots.

One of the pots in front of the elder's house has 15 gold coins , while one of the barrels next to the inn has some Horse Manure . Enter the elder's house and you will find some Pilchard Crackers in the pot in the kitchen and a Seed of Magic in one of the pots on the other side of the first floor. You might notice that the big pot outside in the middle of the village has a ladder leaning against it; use this to enter and grab the Yellow Fragment in the sand. Exit the village and enter the area northwest of it to find a portal that leads to one of the rooms in the Shrine of Mysteries.

Return to Al-Balad in the past, as there is some unfinished business there. Head to the Bank of the Nihil and speak with Hadid to go back to the Likeness. Once you return to the grounds where the Likeness once stood, talk with Hadid there before he runs off. You'll find him in the northwest section, arguing with the archaeologist over the Queen's necklace. After he reluctantly hands it over, you will automatically go to the Temple Palace, where the Queen hands over one of the blood rubies from the Likeness.

Enter the temple and go downstairs one floor. If you go into the room behind the northern one, you will find that you can push the statue on the right, revealing some stairs (press A to get a confirmation you can push it). This will lead to a treasure room, where you will find a Gold Bracer , Mini Medal (#36) , 210 Gold Coins and a Red Fragment . You're finished with all of the events here, so return to the present.

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