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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 05-08-2020 / 01:58 GMT

Similar to the Intermediate Human Vocations, the Advanced ones will require you to master some of the other ones in order to unlock them. These are the creme of the crop and you're not going to get any better than these, as they have access to a lot of the upper tier skills that the other classes might only have one or two of, plus there are some exclusive to these classes.

Champion Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Gladiator and Paladin Strength +25
The Champion is a class that will be dealing a lot of damage, with a little bit of support sprinkled in for good measure, especially with a 25% boost to strength for just switching to the class and the increased critical hit rate from the passive. They will have access to Thin Air, Helm Splitter, Multislice and Multifists as attack skills, as well as Multiheal, Kazing, Oomph, Kasap and Kabuff as support skills. Gigaslash, learned at level 7, deals a lot of damage (350-400 or so) for 15 MP, but it only hits a single group of enemies. The ultimate ability, Blade of Ultimate Power, is a huge damage attack (500-600 damage) that ignores defense (goodbye Metal Slimes) and can even do more damage if you are equipped with a weapon the enemy is weak against (like a Dragonsbane).
  • **HP** +10%
  • **MP** -10%
  • **Strength** +25%
  • **Agility** +10%
  • **Resilience** +5%
  • **Wisdom** 0%
  • **Style** 0%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Cheerful Champion Selflessness, Forbearance, Thin Air, Boulder Toss, Double Up 0 (0)
(2) Bronze Champion Falcon Slash, Multislice, Double-Edged Slash, Undead Undoer, Metal Slash, Gust Slash, Toxic Dagger, Helm Splitter 20 (20)
(3) Silver Champion Pearly Gates, Multifists 20 (40)
(4) Gold Champion Drain Magic, Magic Barrier 40 (80)
(5) Platinum Champion Kasap, Kabuff, Oomph 40 (120)
(6) World Champion Kamikazee, Multiheal, Kazing, Kerplunk 30 (150)
(7) Undefeated Champion Gigaslash 30 (180)
(8) Ultimate Champion Blade of Ultimate Power 70 (250)

Druid Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Sage and Luminary MP +30
The Sage is the ultimate magical human class in the game, taking the MP reduction passive from the Sage, up to a maximum of 50% at max level. It has access to all of the Ka-tier attack spells, as well as Hustle Dance and Kazing for support. King Fissure is a more reliable version of Kathwack and Magma Blast is a spell that does around 100+ damage, but it cannot be used at sea. Hellfire is a breath attack, but considering it costs MP to use, it's not too great. Big Banga deals around 300-400 damage, but it costs a lot of MP to use. That Special Summon is similar to Summon, but it can be used more than once per battle and the spirits summoned by it are more powerful.
  • **HP** -10%
  • **MP** +20%
  • **Strength** -10%
  • **Agility** +15%
  • **Resilience** -10%
  • **Wisdom** +20%
  • **Style** 0%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Dabbler Drain Magic, Oomph, Insulatle, Magic Barrier, Kaclang, Meditation, Kerplunk Dance, Cursed Verse, Gritty Ditty, Harvest Moon, Focus Pocus 0 (0)
(2) Seeker Kafrizzle, Kasizzle, Kaboom, Kaswoosh, Maelstrom, Kacrackle, Kathwack, Kasnooze 30 (30)
(3) Door-to-Door Druid Kazing, Hustle Dance, Disruptive Wave 30 (60)
(4) Wandering Druid Pyre o' Fire, Magma Blast, King Fissure, Summon 30 (90)
(5) Deep Meditator Lightning Storm 30 (120)
(6) Elemental Master Hellfire 30 (150)
(7) Force of Nature Big Banga 50 (200)
(8) Archdruid That Specil Summon 60 (260)

Hero Class

Prerequisitese Mastery Bonus
Any three Intermediate and/or Advanced classes MP +31
The Hero is one of the better classes in the game, with its passive being able to regenerate up to 50 HP (at level 8) per round. It has the usual assortment of skills and spells you might find in other classes, as well as access to Omniheal (heal's party HP to full), Gigaslash and even something called Kazapple. The latter takes MP from all of your characters to deal some mega damage, so if a character doesn't have any MP left, then you can't use it. The Hero can also be gotten by using the Hero Heart, but that isn't possible to get until the end of the first postgame dungeon. It is the only Human class that does not have any stat decreases.
  • **HP** +10%
  • **MP** +10%
  • **Strength** +10%
  • **Agility** 0%
  • **Resilience** 0%
  • **Wisdom** +15%
  • **Style** +10%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Village Hero Bounce, Kasap, Oomph, Insulatle, Magic Barrier, Kaclang, Safe Passage 0 (0)
(2) Town Hero Metal Slash, Lightning Slash, Flame Slash, Kacrackle Slash, Miracle Slash 8 (8)
(3) City Hero Backdraft, Sword Dance, Disruptive Wave, Thin Air, Scorch 12 (20)
(4) National Hero Zap, Kamikazee, Kasnooze, Puff!, Multiheal, Kazing, Bazoom 30 (50)
(5) Continental Hero Kafrizzle, Kasizzle, Kaswoosh, Maelstrom, Kazap 30 (80)
(6) World Hero Big Banga 30 (110)
(7) Super Hero Omniheal, Gigaslash 40 (150)
(8) Legendary Hero Kazapple 60 (210)

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