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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 08-08-2020 / 18:22 GMT

Blistering Bloater, Diethon, Fire Fry, Horn Moa, King Cureslime, Liquid Metal Slime, Malevolantern, Metal Slime, Mimic, Stainless Scrapper, Whole Hog, Wrecktor

This dungeon is pretty large and full of enemies, but there isn't much stuff, if anything, to get here. Enter through the doors up ahead and take the right path in the next room. Ignore the stairs and you should see an invisible path light up periodically over the pit. Cross this and take the stairs at the end, where you'll end up in a very large room with two more sets of stairs. Use the northeastern stairs and go south in the next room, sticking to the left side to avoid a hole that appears on the right side if you step over it.

Steer to the left side in this hallway (left) to avoid the hole that will drop you to the floor below should you step over its area (right).

The path to the right is obviously a dead end, while the left path splits into two more, both leading to stairs. You want to take the stairs that further north. From here, go south and look for the chest next to some stairs, which turns out to be a Mimic. Continue south and head to the southeast corner, using the stairs there. The rest of the path is linear and will lead you straight to the throne, where Orgedemir is waiting. Speak with him twice to begin a boss battle.

BOSS - Orgodemir

The Demon King has two forms in this battle and the game doesn't differentiate between them, as your status at the end of the first form will carry over to the second. Knowing this, it is very wise to try and conserve some MP for the second form, but don't let your guard down, as Orgodemir is a very challenging boss. For starters, both forms of the Demon King have access to a move called Disruptive Wave. This basically removes all positive stat buffs from your party, meaning that you'll need to reapply buffs should he pull this move out of his arsenal.

Speaking of buffs, you'll want Kabuff, Insulatle and Magic Barrier always on, since Orgodemir's attacks will take all of the above forms. Kafrizzle does around 90-100 damage to a single person, while he can also do some kind of eruption attack that deals around 70 to the entire party. He has access to Wind Sickles (around 100 damage to a single target), some kind of lightning attack (30-40 damage to the entire party) and he can send a gleam at someone that can put them to sleep. His physical attack does around 40-50 damage and he can send two balls at one/two characters, with each one dealing 80-90 damage.

As you can see, Orgodemir has access to a lot of attacks and that's just his first form! Hopefully a few characters have Tingle in case he gets sleep happy, or you'll be in for a rough time. One good strategy to use is to Oomph your strongest physical attacker and then use Knuckle Sandwich with them. With some high strength, it's possible to deal upwards of 400+ damage with each hit, provided it doesn't miss. If you managed to secure the Sage's Stone from King Maximo via Mini Medals, then you can use that as a good healing substitute, although you might need Multiheal.

The Sage's Stone is a great item for healing (left). The tail attack in the second form hurts a lot (right).

Once you've depleted his health, the second form will emerge and things will still go on with no interruptions. His second form gains a few new attacks, while also maintaining Disruptive Wave. He has a fire breath attack that can hit for the upper 60s to the entire party, as well as an ice one that does around 40-50 to the whole team. He also has access to Thin Air, dealing some nice damage (60+ or so) to the whole party. By far, his most dangerous attack is when he aims his spike at someone, as this can deal a good 160+ damage to that character. The same strategy outlined above works in this phase of the battle.

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