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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

The Golden Goddess

Jarrod Garripoli

Providence is accessible by placing the required tablet pieces in the northeast pedestal in the green pillar. Cross the bridge and speak to the NPC standing on the other side, who says something is afoot in the town of Providence. Before entering the town, look in the big clearing to the west of it, on the overworld, to find a chest containing a Seed of Strength . Enter the village and you’ll be stopped by two people, with one of them thinking you’re some Ruckers. Tell them that you’re not and you’ll be allowed inside of the village.

Hmm, this goddess statue seems to be very important.

As soon as you’re inside, go into the weapon shop and pick the locks on the chests there (Thief’s Key) for a Steel Broadsword and Magic Water . The building towards the southeast corner will have a Mini Medal (#61) in a barrel. Head into the armor shop and go on up to the second floor to find a Leather Armour in the cupboard; you can also get 6 gold coins from one of the barrels right outside of the shop. The last house to explore is the one in the northeast; you’ll find 37 gold coins in the pot. Talk to the female NPC behind the elder’s house to learn that the Ruckers want the goddess statue, and will stop at nothing to get it, including razing Providence to the ground. Take the exit by the elder’s house to arrive at the next dungeon.

Mountaintop Tunnel

On the very first screen, you will be faced with a fork in the road. Take the east path first and follow it to the end to find a chest with a Kingfuchsia Heart in it. Go back outside and take the other path, using the stairs to reach the next floor. Ignore the dead end in the southeast and continue north, going straight for the stairs. In the northeast corner, there will be a chest, but it’s actually a Cannibox. There’s also another chest in the northwest corner, this one actually containing something ( 530 coins ). Continue south and when you find the stairs, take them to the next floor. The rest of the path through here is linear and will eventually come outside, with the church in view.

Note that the little opening behind the church leads to a spring that you can use to recover. Enter the church and go into the room on the right to spot a treasure chest in the corner, which you can’t open right now, but you can get a Holy Water from the pot. You can talk to one of the nuns in the same room to save your game, which might be a wise thing to do, since there’s no church in the actual town of Providence. Back in the main part of the church, go to the north end to trigger a scene. Talk to the priest before you leave, then head back to the village.

As you approach the western exit of the village, you will see a dog head into the weapon shop, so follow it and speak to the owner to get a free Platinum Sword . Now, head to the bridge you crossed to get to the town for a scene and once it’s over, pick up the pieces of the Goddess Statue and return to the town. After the scene where Caleb fights some monsters, speak with him and make the trek back up to the church. Talk to Abraham along the way, then speak with the priest once you get there. Follow him out of the church and watch the scene that happens.

When you regain control, smash the barrels for a Moonwort Bulb and open the chest for a Seed of Life . Exit the cellar and start your descent back down to the village, knowing that you can save your game by inspecting the downed nun right before you enter the Mountaintop Tunnel again. Back at the village, there will be a short scene and you can pick up the box left behind for a Goddess’ Scroll and Priest’s Key . Find and talk with Caleb twice, then go back up to the church once more, visiting the spring behind it this time. As you go to use the spring, a boss shows up!

BOSS - Skraw

At first, you cannot win the battle with the boss, but you have to survive long enough until something happens. So, the best thing to do is to just defend every turn, unless you need to heal. After the cutscene happens, you will be fully healed and the rematch against Skraw will happen, only he will be much weaker this time. He will no longer have Kaswoosh or Multifists, and most of his attacks will likely deal single digit damage or even miss.

After being weakened, Skraw will be a pushover!

The day has once again been saved by your group of adventurers, so make your way back to the village. There’s nothing to do here, so start heading back to the portal, when Caleb will stop you on the bridge. Tell him you’re leaving and then take the portal back to the Shrine of Mysteries.

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