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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-09-2020 / 16:17 GMT

Armamentalist Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Warrior and Mage MP +20
The Armamentalist is an adept that combines the abilities of the Warrior and Mage, almost becoming a magic knight. They have great support skills in Kabuff, Oomph and Insulatle, all of which they learn by level 4. The latter half of the skills they learn are mostly attack-oriented, such as Zap, a stronger version of Lightning (costs 6 MP, though). They also learn Flame/Lightning/Kacrackle Slash, covering all of the elements, plus Miracle Slash (the final skill) heals the character based on the portion of the damage inflicted.
  • **HP** -10%
  • **MP** +10%
  • **Strength** +15%
  • **Agility** -10%
  • **Resilience** -15%
  • **Wisdom** 0%
  • **Style** 0%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Firestarter Bounce, Midheal 0 (0)
(2) Powerbearer Swoosh, Flame Slash 10 (10)
(3) Stormbringer Kabuff, Insulatle 10 (20)
(4) Spellbinder Oomph, Lightning Slash 12 (32)
(5) Frostburner Zap, Kacrackle Slash 24 (56)
(6) Novablaster Kasnooze, Bazoom 30 (86)
(7) Earthshaker Kafrizzle, Kasizzle 37 (123)
(8) Forcewielder Miracle Slash 50 (173)

Gladiator Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Warrior and Martial Artist STR +15
The Gladiator is an evolution of the basic physical classes, with a passive that increases the frequency of their critical hits. Gritty Ditty is similar to Kabuff, and Multislice is similar to Roundhouse Kick. Helm Splitter is a great skill, as not only does it deal damage, it can also reduce an enemy's defense (0 MP). Falcon Slash, for 2 MP, hits an enemy twice, with each hit dealing 75% damage of a normal attack. Metal Slash is great when farming Metal Slimes, as it's guaranteed damage. Lastly, Multifists will hit randomly four times at 50% power each for 2 MP, which can be great for bosses, as all four hits will connect.
  • **HP** +20%
  • **MP** -40%
  • **Strength** +15%
  • **Agility** +10%
  • **Resilience** +10%
  • **Wisdom** -20%
  • **Style** 0%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Flyweight Gust Slash 0 (0)
(2) Featherweight Undead Undoer, Mean Sweep 12 (12)
(3) Lightweight Gritty Ditty, Double-Edged Slash 16 (28)
(4) Welterweight Toxic Dagger, Helm Splitter 20 (48)
(5) Middleweight Weird Whacker, Klepto Clobber 24 (72)
(6) Cruiserweight Falcon Slash, Metal Slash 24 (96)
(7) Heavyweight Multislice 24 (120)
(8) Undisputed Champion Multifists 50 (170)

Luminary Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Dancer, Troubadour, and Jester Style +20
Luminary's passive will make it so you might stun/charm enemies in battle, making them lose a turn. Spooky Aura will help lower an enemy groups resistance to ailments and spell damage, while Cursed Verse is similar to Kasap. Focus Pocus' description is a bit misleading, as it restores some MP every turn for a set number of turns, but it's self only and doesn't carry over to other classes. Hustle Dance is a weaker Multiheal, but still a nice skill, since it doesn't cost any MP. Pyre o' Fire sounds like a great ability and it can cause some serious damage, it has a 1/3 chance of failing. Lastly, Song of Salvation takes two turns to attempt to revive all characters back to full health.
  • **HP** -20%
  • **MP** -10%
  • **Strength** -20%
  • **Agility** -10%
  • **Resilience** -10%
  • **Wisdom** 0%
  • **Style** +15%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Wannabe Dazzleflash 0 (0)
(2) Drama Student Kaclang, Tap Dance 8 (8)
(3) Debutante Spooky Aura, Harvest Moon 12 (20)
(4) Fresh Face Focus Pocus 12 (32)
(5) Supporting Role Cursed Verse, Gritty Ditty 20 (52)
(6) Headliner Hustle Dance 28 (80)
(7) Award Winner Kerplunk Dance, Pyre o' Fire 32 (112)
(8) Stage Legend Song of Salvation 40 (152)

Monster Masher Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Thief and Shepherd Resilience +15
The Monster Masher has a specialized role, but it does have more uses out of it than just that. Its passive allows it to have a greater chance to tame a monster after battle, which can be used for creating Traveller's Tablets at Monster Meadows. That's where Animal Magnetism comes into play, in addition to the passive, which can be used up to five times on a monster that basically makes it so it's 100% recruitable (with some exceptions). Outside of that, the Monster Masher has access to a lot of breath attacks, all of which use 0 MP. Scorch, the last skill, can even do upwards of 150+ damage to all enemies.
  • **HP** -5%
  • **MP** -5%
  • **Strength** 0%
  • **Agility** +10%
  • **Resilience** 0%
  • **Wisdom** +20%
  • **Style** +5%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Slime Stalker Poison Breath, Animal Magnetism 0 (0)
(2) Animal Assailer Kabuff, Sweet Breath 14 (14)
(3) Zombie Zapper Insulatle, Fire Breath, Cool Breath 12 (26)
(4) Metal Mauler Magic Barrier, Burning Breath 20 (46)
(5) Demon Defeater Kasap, Flame Breath 20 (66)
(6) Troll Trouncer Puff!, Venom Mist 12 (78)
(7) Dragon Defeater Inferno, Chilly Breath 25 (103)
(8) Master Masher Scorch 40 (143)

Paladin Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Martial Artist and Priest HP +20
The Paladin is a cross between a knight and a healer, having access to some skills that make it tank hits for other party members, as well as healing skills. Multiheal is a great healing skill for bosses later on in the main story, especially once they start using party-wide spells/skills. You will want to be careful using Selflessness and Forbearance, as the Paladin could take a lot of damage. Having access to Oomph and Kazing are useful, especially the latter in times of need. Pearly Gates is a powerful skill, but it only hits an enemy group and it costs a whopping 20 MP; Thin Air is a much better choice.
  • **HP** 0%
  • **MP** 0%
  • **Strength** +10%
  • **Agility** +15%
  • **Resilience** 0%
  • **Wisdom** +15%
  • **Style** 0%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Bronze Knight Selflessness, Stomp 0 (0)
(2) Iron Knight Thin Air 20 (20)
(3) Steel Knight Kasap, Double Up 20 (40)
(4) Silver Knight Kaswoosh, Multiheal 24 (64)
(5) Gold Knight Magic Barrier, Forbearance 28 (92)
(6) Crystal Knight Oomph, Kazing 24 (116)
(7) Royal Knight Kerplunk, Disruptive Wave 36 (152)
(8) Holy Knight Pearly Gates 50 (202)

Pirate Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Thief and Sailor Agility +15
The Pirate can be a great class, since it has high Agility and its passive allows you to steal items from enemies after the battle, similar to the Thief class. The Pirate has access to Thin Air, a great attack for 0 MP, and it also had Defending Champion, a self-use skill that greatly reduces damage. The class has a bunch of spells that look water-based (Maelstrom, Jolly Rager and Coral Grief), but they're not. Having access to Oomph is great and Sword Dance is a great skill to use against bosses, since it only costs 2 MP, and it's actually better than Multifists.
  • **HP** +5%
  • **MP** -10%
  • **Strength** +10%
  • **Agility** +10%
  • **Resilience** +20%
  • **Wisdom** -10%
  • **Style** 0%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Bilge Rat Midheal, Squelch 0 (0)
(2) Deck Swabber Jolly Rager 16 (16)
(3) Scurvy Dog Coral Grief, Backdraft 24 (40)
(4) Salty Seadog Defending Champion, Thin Air 24 (64)
(5) Buccaneer Kaswoosh, Lifeboat 24 (88)
(6) Swashbuckler Kamikazee, Oomph 24 (112)
(7) Dread Pirate Maelstrom 24 (136)
(8) Scourge of the Sea Sword Dance 30 (166)

Sage Class

Prerequisites Mastery Bonus
Mage and Priest Wisdom +20
The Sage is a class is the purely magical in nature, utilizing both attack magic and support magic. As you would guess and see from the stats below, they can be quite squishy, since their Resilience and HP get reduced. They have access to Oomph, Insulatle, Kabuff, Magic Barrier, Multiheal, and Kazing; all of those are great support spells. On the offensive side, there is Kacrackle, Kasizzle, Kaswoosh, Kafrizzle and Kaboom. Summon allows you to call in a spirit to help out once per battle, depending on the caster's level. The Sage's passive grants it reduced MP consumption depending on the rank, up to 40% reduction at level 7/8.
  • **HP** -20%
  • **MP** +20%
  • **Strength** -30%
  • **Agility** +5%
  • **Resilience** -20%
  • **Wisdom** +20%
  • **Style** 0%
Rank/Title Spell/Ability Battles (Total)
(1) Student Thwack, Drain Magic 0 (0)
(2) Scholar Oomph, Insulatle 12 (12)
(3) Professor Kacrackle, Kasnooze 18 (30)
(4) Philosopher Kabuff, Magic Barrier 20 (50)
(5) Savant Kasizzle, Multiheal 28 (78)
(6) Genius Kaswoosh, Kazing 32 (110)
(7) Enlightened One Kafrizzle, Kaboom, Summon 40 (150)
(8) Oracle Kathwack 50 (200)

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