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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

The Earth Spirit

Jarrod Garripoli

Exit the Oasis and head to the Temple Palace, where you will be stopped by the guards, who inspect to see if you are monsters or not. Head inside and go downstairs to meet with the queen, who orders her servants to go away so she can speak with you personally. Agree to help her out, then leave the Temple Palace to go to Al-Balad. Enter the elder’s house in the north for a short scene, then speak to him directly. With the joke of the other brothers sniveling their way out of helping you, Sa’id agrees to help and will be waiting in his hut, which is behind the elder’s house.

Go and speak with him, then enter the large urn in the middle of town to meet with the wise man. After regaining control, go and speak with the elder back in Al-Balad, who says to look to the shrine beneath the Temple Palace. Talk to the queen again, then go downstairs and speak to the guards to get past them. Head to the center of the room in the bottom area, then defeat the three monsters when they show up. You’ll receive the Royal Key after the fact, which is your cue to leave, but not before speaking with the queen again. To get to the Likeness, you’ll have to return to Al-Balad and take the teleportal in the large urn.

Hidden Pyramid

Blighted Bloater, Bloody Hand, Decayurion, Demon Deacon, Demon Thunderer, Dingbat, Emperor Slime, Gold Fryling, Hellstalker, Vial Creature

Enter the Likeness and speak with the woman guarding the path behind the main area, who will move when she sees you have the Royal Key. Use this to open the door, then examine the markings on the ground to get a clue for this dungeon. If you wish to know what the markings said, just ask Sa’id. Once you’re finished, go and take the stairs just beyond the final marking. Keep following the path, picking up the Mimic Heart in the chest along the way, until you finally enter the actual pyramid. Start off by going west and following the long path until you get to some stairs in the northeast.

This will lead you to a room with six coffins in it. “Two eyes to shine through darkness” means to close all of the coffins to make it dark in the room, which will make a pair of jewels appear ( Eye Stones ). Take them and move to the next area via the path to the south. You will arrive in an area that’s a bunch of smaller rooms connected to each other, forming a maze of sorts. To get through here, go west, north twice, west, north, west twice, south three times and east once to get to the stairs.

The “maze” is very easy to navigate, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost.

Follow this path about halfway, as you will see a large face to the north. Stand on the orange tiles and don’t move for some seconds, until the mouth opens and you can go grab the Mouth Stone . Keep going and you’ll eventually come to a split, with one leading to stairs going up and the other leading down. Go downstairs first, where you’ll find the Nose Stone . Return and take the other path, leading to the Heart Stone . Go into your inventory and use this to receive the Ear Stones . You’re done in the Hidden Pyramid, so leave and take the teleportal back to Al-Balad, where you can go to the Oasis, giving the old man the jewels to awaken the Earth Spirit and receive the Earth Amulet .

With three of the Spirits now awakened, it’s time for the last one, although you need to return to Queen Neferta at the Temple Palace. Once you do that, head back down to the shrine and look for two shiny bits on the ground, one in the northwest and another in the southeast, netting you a Prayer Ring and Magic Water , respectively. You are officially done here, so return to the Oasis and take the teleportal to get back to the Shrine of Mysteries.

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