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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Grotto del Sigillo

Jarrod Garripoli

To get to the Grotto, go to the area to the west of L’Arca and you should see the entrance there. Note that there’s nothing else in this area (including chests), so just head straight to the Grotto. You’ll meet a wolf by the main entrance, so follow it until the animal disappears, then head inside of the actual Grotto. At the very first split, go east to find a chest with 120 gold coins in it. Follow the other path to the end to find the stairs to the next floor.

The first doorway you see on this second floor leads to nowhere, but you will find out the location of the tablet fragment that’s on your radar. If you took it, return to the second floor room and continue south to another doorway. Instead of using that one yet, you will find a chest at the southeastern corner ( Seed of Strength ). Now you can use that second doorway, leading you to the room with the Blue Fragment you might have seen earlier.

In the same room, take the southern exit and follow the path to some more stairs. Keep going through the dungeon as you normally would, ignoring any side paths, as they all lead to dead ends, until you come to a choice between some stairs and a doorway outside. As one room prior in this dungeon, the stairs lead to a dead end that gives you a view of a second tablet fragment. So, take the path leading outside and go all the way around it, ignoring the very short scene about the opening, until you get to the end and can return inside, letting you grab the Blue Fragment . Back at the unsealed door, go inside and up the stairs, then approach the coffin to get ready for the next boss fight.

BOSS - Hackrobat

Firstly, the Woodcutter will be joining you in this battle and he’s a pretty good companion to have, since he’ll be tossing some healing items your way throughout the fight. The Hackrobat can be a bit annoying, especially when his body shines brightly, as this move can dazzle your characters (make them blind). If this happens, then just wait until it wears off on its own or if it’s someone like the Hero or Maribel, they can do other things, like healing or casting spells (Dazzle doesn’t affect magic).

The Hackrobat can also summon a flurry of wind sickles to damage one character for about 25 or so damage. In addition to this, he has a normal physical attack that hits for an average of 13-15 damage for any character it hits. You will want to start the battle by having Maribel use Sap twice to reduce his defenses, allowing your other characters to deal more damage per strike. Whenever you need healing, either have the Hero or Maribel use Heal.

Hackrobat’s shine move can Dazzle your characters (left), making them have a harder time hitting the boss. His wind move can deal some big damage to a single character (right).

The biggest problem with this battle is that the Hackrobat can sometimes get two turns in during each round, letting him possibly pull off two attacks. This is a big nuisance if he manages to do something like two wind sickle attacks, as this will do a good 50 or so damage if they are both aimed at one character. You can remedy this if your Hero is level 12, as he learns a more powerful spell then (Midheal).

After the Hackrobat has been defeated and sealed again, the curse on the town of L’Arca is now gone and everyone’s turned back to normal. You’ll automatically be transported back there and Ruff will run off once more, so go back to the building where you first saw him and talk to the farmer inside, then step out of the house to find Ruff waiting for you. It’s time to return to your own time, which will happen on its own when you leave town, but it seems Ruff wants to go along with you, so you end up getting a new party member!

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