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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Bards Quest

Jarrod Garripoli

Access the yellow pillar and place all of the fragments into the southeast pedestal to be transported to a new island. As soon as you gain control, go east and north on the overworld to find a chest at the dead end there ( 400 gold coins ), then head south and into the town you see on the map. This is Hardlypool and one of the barrels next to the house in the northwest corner has 20 gold coins in it. The pot on the southern side of the western house contains a Medicinal Herb . Go into the big house and check one of the drawers upstairs to find a Mini Medal (#45) . Talk to the elderly lady downstairs to have the option to rest, so take the offer.

You’ll hear some different music while sleeping and will be woken up by Maribel in the morning, who is saying that something strange is going on outside. Head out there and you should notice that none of the villagers are there. Hmm, something strange is definitely going on, but don’t worry about it for now. The guard that was blocking the tunnel entrance is no longer there, so you can go inside of it. This tunnel is very short and not worthy of maps or its own section because of that, but there is one key item you can acquire within it.

Whenever you first enter, you will see two chests behind a locked gate, so ignore them for now and continue on down the stairs. At the split, go north to find some pots and a chest; there will be a Mini Medal (#46) in the chest and a Moonwort Bulb in one of the pots. Go south to find stairs that will bring you back outside onto the overworld. South of the tunnel entrance will be a church, so feel free to use its facilities if you wish, then journey to the next town that is south of the church.

This is Spilton-on-Sea and is a fishing village. Enter the building in the southeast to find a Seed of Life in one of the barrels, and there will be an Antidotal Herb in one of the barrels on the side of the building to the west. Go inside that house to find a Leather Hat in the cupboard, then enter the inn and go downstairs to the pub to find a Mini Medal (#47) in one of the barrels. Check out the shops, where you might find some upgrades to your equipment. When you’ve had your filled, go to the inn and spend the night, only to have the same thing as before happen once more.

Hmm, something strange is definitely going on…

That’s all you can do here, so exit via the north and use the passage towards the east to get to another area, where you’ll see a large town in the distance. This is Wetlock, so enter it and go straight north to view a scene with a musician. He will leave and it’s time to raid the town of its goods. There is a pot right outside of the weapon/armor shop, which contains 30 gold coins . Enter the shop via the back door and open the chest for an Iron Lance . Go in the big house in the northwest corner of the town and enter the basement to find a Seed of Strength in a barrel.

When you’re ready to continue the story, stay at the inn and you’ll be awoken in the middle of the night by the same music as before. Step outside and you’ll see the musician from before leading the townspeople into some strange portal. Go through the portal yourself to appear in the next dungeon, Highendreigh Tower.

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