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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:26 GMT
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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Guide

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Nottagen Scenario

Nottagen Cavern

There are two doorways in the very first room, although the western one leads to a dead end with nothing there. When you approach the eastern doorway, you will see a vine retreat back into the cave, so follow it. Before confronting the vine in this room, pick up the Steel Broadsword on the ground to the left of it. Enter the next room and ignore the first doorway, opting to go through the door in the southeast, where you’ll see another vine retreating.

Continue until you come to another big area with multiple doorways. Unfortunately, the two in the northeast are separated from the current area, so that only leaves you with a single doorway. However, before using it, go up the ramp to find a chest with 630 gold coins in it. Past the doorway, go the north end of the room to find a chest with a Hate Mail in it. Defeat the vine blocking the eastern exit, then follow the remaining path to come face-to-face with the boss.

Note: The Hate Mail is a piece of cursed equipment. Not only does it have a chance to paralyze the user in battle, but it also cannot be removed if you put it on. The only way to remove it is via the Benediction option at churches.

BOSS - Malign Vine

The Malign Vine is accompanied by two of the roots you’ve been fighting, and is a boss that likes to try and pelt you with ailments. This includes a venomous breath to try and envenomate a single character, Fizzle to prevent your party from casting spells, and even blinding them. Its normal attack isn’t worth mentioning, as it does it seldomly and sticks to the above moves. Since the boss likes to stick with the ailments and doesn’t do too much damage, this battle should be a relative cakewalk over previous ones.

The Malign Vine can use a lot of status ailments on your party.

The Malign Vine drops a Green Fragment upon defeat, so use Evac to leave the dungeon and return to present day Nottagen, which is still in shambles. Make sure you save your game before heading back to past Nottagen, as there is a major decision coming up that will affect the outcome of present Nottagen. When you do go back, talk to some of the villagers and they will mention that Buddy, the person living in the big house, has a pet that seems to be growing at an alarming rate and they want to take care of it before it does any damage.

Enter the big house and talk to Buddy, who shows that he loves his new pet, Wiggles. As you attempt to leave the house, there will be a scene and then you can finally leave. If you didn’t save prior to this, now’s a good chance, as this affects the condition of the present day version of Nottagen. When you’re ready, speak with the man in the center of the group of people (one in blue), with an option to say "Yes" or "No." The correct answer to save the town of Nottagen in the future is no, but if you happened to say yes…

Saying Yes

You’ll be inside the inn and when you’re ready, go to Buddy’s house and talk to Wiggles to initiate a fight. Despite his appearance, Wiggles can be a bit of a pain to fight, as he can shoot a sticky thread at a single character to make them lose a turn, as well as use Sweet Breath to put your party to sleep. His normal attack does around 50-60 damage. Naturally, you’ll want to use Buff on your characters and if people are put to sleep, you can use Tingle to counter this.

After defeating Wiggles, there will be a short scene that ends up with some commotion going on outside. Head out to find the town being attacked by some other worm things. Defeat the one who attacks you, then go around and save the villagers from the other Worms of Woe. When you’re finished there, go back to Buddy’s house to take care of one more, then leave the house when prompted. Watch the scene that unfolds, then you can return to Nottagen in the present, where you see no one but a lonely bard, who tells of Buddy’s descendant living at the Monster Meadows.

Depending on what you do with Wiggles, Nottagen in the present will either be in ruins (left) and be normal (right).

Saying No

The villagers will be thinking of a plan on their own to get rid of Wiggles. While they’re doing this, head over to Buddy and agree to help him. Follow Buddy to the Hill Near Nottagen and talk to him for a scene, after which, you will be back in Nottagen. Exit the house to find some worm creatures attacking the villagers. These Worms of Woe aren’t too tough, but they can poison your party and might take a few rounds to defeat. After taking out the four in the open, go to Buddy to find one more. Talk to Buddy afterwards and leave the house for a scene, with things faring well for the town of Nottagen. Note that the weapon shop is now open for business (finally!), so check it out if you want and when ready, head back to the present day.

Warning: If Nottagen is the third of the three scenarios (Nottagen, Providence and Hubble) you’ve completed, remove Maribel’s equipment prior to returning to the Shrine of Mysteries.

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