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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
Strategy Guide

First Published: 20-09-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 27-05-2020 / 05:24 GMT

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Guide

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The Beginning of a Journey

Choose to start a new adventure and you'll be prompted to input a name, which is what your main character will be called during the game. After a panoramic shot, you find yourself with Prince Kiefer at some ruins of some kind, apparently up to no good. You'll be back in the village, with Maribel questioning what you have been doing, as well as her mentioning that tomorrow's the pilchard harvest. With her off, you will finally gain control of your character, so let's explore the town a bit.

Note: You can rotate the camera by using the L and R buttons on your 3DS, and can reset the camera by pressing both buttons. All directions will be given as if you have reset the camera positioning.

To start off, your house is immediately to your left and you'll spot some barrels next to it. Break them to get 3 gold coins , then go straight to the east and up some stairs to find a bigger building, breaking the barrels on the right side for another 5 gold coins . Find the stairs heading north and climb them to spot some more barrels to the north, next to some stairs. Break them to find a Medicinal Herb , then climb the stairs and check behind the church bell to find 10 gold coins .

Always check cupboards/drawers (left) for items. Also, breaking barrels and vases (right) will also yield gold/items.

That's all you can do at the moment outside, so head inside your house (the one to your left when you first gain control) and break the first barrel you see for another Medicinal Herb . You should see your parents sleeping in their beds, so why not check the drawer next to your mother to find 10 gold coins . Climb the ladder to get to your room and check the drawer in the upper right to find a Leather Hat , then open the treasure chest to grab a whopping 110 gold coins . Go to your bed and go to sleep.

Your mom will wake you up in the morning, so go downstairs for another short scene where she'll hand over a pilchard sandwich to give to your father. If you didn't equip the Leather Hat from before, do that now then it's time to go around and pilfer the rest of the houses, since they were locked earlier. The small house to the east of your own has nothing, so ignore it and head inside the bigger one. In the room on the left, you will find 2 gold coins in the left room, as well as a Medicinal Herb in one of the barrels in the kitchen.

Lastly, go upstairs and into the right bedroom, to find a Hairband in one of the cupboards. For the final bit of exploring, there is one more house you can enter, which is the one right above your own home. There's nothing in the drawers or barrels/vases, but there is a chest in the basement, which contains a Seed of Resilience . Seeds are basically items that you can use on a character to permanently increase the respective stat.

Note: Keep an eye on your inventory, as there is limited space for your characters. Any items you don't need can be transferred to your bag.

With all of that now done, go to the docks and board the ship for a little scene. You can freely explore your father's ship and in the very first room, there will be two chests ( Wayfarer's Clothes and Cypress Stick ); both can be equipped by your character and should be equipped. Continue into the small bedroom past the next set of stairs to find 15 gold coins in one of the vases, then slip down to the next floor. There are a bunch of barrels and vases to break here, with Maribel hiding behind some of them. Talking to her will initiate another short scene and after she storms off, check the vases in the kitchen for a Chimaera Wing .

Alright, exit the ship and you'll be back in town, where a royal guard will stop you and tell you that the king has called for you. It seems it's urgent and before you can leave, Maribel decides to tag along with you. If you want, you can transfer that Hairband you found earlier to her, as she can actually wear it. Also, considering there's limited inventory space on your characters, it might be a good idea to transfer some stuff around, handing some over to Maribel and putting others in the bag.

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