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Final Fantasy IX

Freya Crescent

Jarrod Garripoli

Freya Crescent is a dragon knight who hails from Burmecia, a town that is inhabited by a race of rat-like people. She is old friends with Zidane, as evidenced by their familiar nature whenever they meet during the story. She can clearly joke around with others, such as with the previous exchange, but Freya can also be sincere and friendly. She left Burmecia in search of someone, and has been on that pilgrimage since leaving. Freya is a strong-willed individual that will put aside her differences, if needed.

Freya’s special ability, Jump, allows her to jump into the air and after a short while, she will come crashing down on the enemy, dealing more damage than with a normal attack. While in the air, she cannot be targeted by friends and foes alike, making this a potential lifesaver in some situations. Her skillset is called Dragon and contains a variety of skills, from offensive ones to defensive moves. Reis’s Wind is a great one that casts Regen on all party members, while Dragon’s Crest is a powerful offensive skill that grows more powerful as you kill more dragon-type enemies. Freya’s Trance will make her stay in the air for the duration whenever she uses Jump, attacking all enemies instead of a single one.

Dragon Skills

Skill Name Learned AP Needed
Reis’s Wind Mythril Spear, Holy Lance, Gold Helm, Angel Earrings 40
Lancer Partisan, Dragon Wrist, Coral Ring 20
White Draw Emerald, Ice Lance, Kain’s Lance 90
Luna Trident 30
Dragon Breath Dragon’s Hair 205
Six Dragons Heavy Lance 25
Cherry Blossom Obelisk, Kain’s Lance 40
Dragon’s Crest Holy Lance, Kain’s Lance 45

Support Abilities

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