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Treno Auction House

Jarrod Garripoli

The Treno Auction House is a place you can bid on items in the city of Treno, although not all items are available at that point. Upon your first visit to Treno, you will be able to actually start bidding on the items for auction. Whenever you step into the place, the auctioneer will say the four items that will be for sale in that particular auction. If the item you want isn’t there, then you can simply exit and re-enter to reset them all. As you progress through the main story, more items will be unlocked at the Auction House, so make sure you revisit whenever the opportunity arises.

To bid on an item, you simply need to speak with the auctioneer and input the value you wish to offer. However, the other participants might outbid you on the item, depending on the average selling price. The best way to ensure that you will win the item up for auction is to wait until the auctioneer says “Any more?” and then throw in your bid. Note that sometimes the other participants will continue to bid, but more often than not, you will win the item.

(1 of 2) Whenever you see the auctioneer say “Any more?”

Whenever you see the auctioneer say “Any more?” (left), that is when you should bid on the item (right)

Auction Items

The following is a list of all the items that can be sold at the auction, although some of the better ones won’t be available until after certain story events. There are specific items that will not show up in the auction if you possess one of them in your inventory, such as the four Key Items that can be sold to various NPCs in Treno. Also, some items will only be sold a single time, like the Reflect Ring.

Auction Item Winning Bid Available/Notes
Griffin’s Heart 6,500 Can only have one in inventory
Doga’s Artifact 8,400 Can only have one in inventory
Une’s Mirror 10,800 Can only have one in inventory
Mini-Cid 2,300 Only sold once
Reflect Ring 16,000 Only sold once
Magician Robe 7,500 No limitations
Fairy Earrings 10,000 No limitations
Madain’s Ring 8,500 No limitations
Pearl Rouge 17,500 No limitations
Elixir 35,000 Only sold if you have less than five in inventory
Rat Tail 17,000 Sold after returning from Outer Continent. Can only have one in inventory.
Feather Boots 15,000 Sold after returning from Outer Continent. Only sold if you have none in inventory.
Anklet 16,500 Sold after returning from Outer Continent. Only sold if you have none in inventory.
Dark Matter 20,000 Sold after returning from Outer Continent. Only sold once.
Promist Ring 25,500 After getting the Blue Narciss. Only sold if you have none in inventory.
Thief Gloves 20,000 After getting the Blue Narciss. Only sold once.
Ribbon 79,500 Available on Disc 4. Only sold once.
Magical Fingertip 50,000 Available on Disc 4. Must buy and sell Griffin’s Heart, Doga’s Artifact, Une’s Mirror, and Rat Tail. Must also talk to old man in Daguerreo. Only sold once.

Selling the Key Items

Whenever you first gain access to the auction house, you will see three items that pop up pretty much every time you refresh the four items for sale, which are the Griffin’s Heart, Une’s Mirror, and Doga’s Artifact. These items, should you win them, can be sold to specific NPCs in Treno, at a slightly higher price than for you bought them. Once you return to Treno in Disc 3, you will find one more item like this, the Rat Tail. For three of the items, the first offer you get can be refused, with a second offer being higher; the only exception for this is the Doga’s Artifact, so take the first price.

(1 of 3) This Adventurer will purchase the Griffin’s Heart and Rat Tail from you

Doga’s Artifact can be sold to a scholar inside of the synthesis shop, who is easy to find, as he’s the only other NPC in there. For the Griffin’s Heart and Rat Tail, they can be sold to the same NPC, the Adventurer in the Bishop House area, which is right outside of the synthesis shop; he’s the NPC with the reddish-colored shirt and a hat. For the final item, the Une’s Mirror, you will find the Nobleman in the same area as the Adventurer; he’s a rotund with a red cape. Note that both the Nobleman and Adventurer will walk through the area, so if you don’t see them, then exit and re-enter.

These can only be sold a single time to the NPCs, after which, they will be available in the auctions until you buy them again. Once you sell all of them, travel to Daguerreo and speak to the old man on the left side of the third floor on Disc 4, which is a part of the Excalibur side quest. Only after talking to that NPC and selling the above four items will the Magical Fingertip appear in the auction.

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